Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ninja Polish Las Vegas Exclusive

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

I don't really need to introduce this brand.  I think if you are, or have been an indie lover for a while, you will undoubtedly know, Ninja Polish.  YES, NINJA POLISH!  That's right, Rhonni is back and in her full ninja attire, cranking out the PRETTIES!!!  Dare I say, better than ever?!?!  Indeed, I do.

She has created two collections since her return, she released Gemstone Dreams in June, and Infinity Gems in July. She's also working hard to recreate and stock original colors, if/where pigments are available, while creating new collections and jaw dropping colors!

Today, I am going to share with you, maybe taunt you a little ish with a Vegas CosmoProf EXCLUSIVE!!!  Yes, I'm sorry (ish).  It is NOT going to be available on her site for purchase, BUT, keep your eyes on her via social media. She hinted around that there may be a giveaway on the horizon for this beauty!

Here she is... Streaking Ninja!  After all, that is what scandalous ninjas do in Vegas... STREAK!
Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja Vegas CosmoProf Exclusive
She's a gorgeous plum violet multichrome and SUPER SPARKLY BARKLY HOLO!! Depending on the lighting you'll catch her color getting a little dusty and/or chromey.  THAT is EXACTLY what a scandalous polish does... gets shifty!

Two coats, though if I did not have OCD, I would have stopped after one coat.  A single layer of top coat and BAZINGA!!  Formula was very smooth, went on creamy, no streaks (hahaha for a streaking ninja). No issues!

Here's a different view, more in the shade (not direct sunshine).  SAME POLISH, look at that shady business (pun intended LOL).
Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja Vegas CosmoProf Exclusive
Then I go into the house and BAM there she is, this rosy ruby red coloring.  Still HOLO-RRIFIC!! 
Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja Vegas CosmoProf Exclusive
So, if you have known Ninja for a while, you might be wondering, "ok ok great polish, same sparkly barkly goodness, but what about the shipping?".  I don't beat around the bush, I asked Rhonni exactly that.  Tell me about your TAT (turn around time), how is it? Sure enough, she is staying on top of shipping.  All orders that come in through Friday are shipped out Monday/Tuesday after the weekend. When there's an increase in orders she will also ship throughout the week. WhooooHooooo!! I don't know about you, but I want instant gratification.  Great to hear!!!

One more picture because I AM IN LOVE!!! 
Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja Vegas CosmoProf Exclusive
I must say, I am VERY excited and can't WAIT for the next Ninja Polish collection!  It's called Nothing Stays in Vegas, launching August 15th. The names are said to have been prompted from July's CosmoProf happenings, I can't wait to see what we have in store!  Here's a little teaser pic.  Wowza, that's all I can say... WOWZA!!!

(this is not my own photo, I might have "borrowed" it from THE Ninja herself)
Ninja Polish Nothing Stays in Vegas teaser
* press sample, provided for my honest review *

If you'd like to start stalking the website and look at the last two collections released, feel free to peruse, Ninja Polish's shop 
If you're not yet following her on Instagram, check her out @NinjaPolish and go like her page in Facebook at Ninja Polish  (around the launch time for Nothing Stays in Vegas, keep your eyes open for giveaways of the Streaking Ninja)

You all know this, but let me remind you... have the GREATEST DAY!!! If, your day isn't so great, change your thoughts, and MAKE IT GREATER!!!  Smile friends!


  1. Great review! Love all your pictures!

    1. Thank you SO much!! Coming from you, that means a lot... your pictures are always jaw dropping, beautiful!!!!

  2. I love this color! Looks great on you!

  3. Beautiful!!!
    I adore this purple color!!
    So so pretty!
    And as always your swatches are gorgeous!