Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alter Ego

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Do you have an Alter Ego?  I do!!  Moi-hahahahaaaaaa  I'm an extrovert for the most part, but really... I'm an introvert that LOVES my alone time. I love quiet times, meditating and focusing on absolutely nothing but my breathing.

Well I have a VERY special review for you today and I am JAZZED to share this maker with you!!!  Her name is Cynthia, and she is the maker of Alter Ego.  She is a DOLL BABY and her polishes are EXQUISITE and GORGEOUS!!!  They speak to my softer side, which YES, I DO have a softer and quieter side.

Without further ado, let's get started... first up is Secret Lover... 
Alter Ego Secret Lover with Bubbly over as accent

She's a secret lover because she's GORGEOUS and BAM beautiful!!!  On my accent finger I used BubblySecret Lover is a gorgeous red leaning a wee pinch of orange with the most gentle touch of golden shimmers. Bright and happy and LOVELY!!!!  Sexy lipstick red!!  I used two coats and it dries with a slight texture and a matte(ish) finish.  Slapped a top coat on and BAM!!! 

Alter Ego Secret Lover with Bubbly over as accent
Bubbly is THE most stunning topper!!!  She is the most brilliant BLING BLING golden SHIMMAH!!!  Kicks up any mani to be ready for a nite on the town.
Alter Ego Secret Lover with Bubbly as a topper
 Look at that SPARKLY BARKLY!!!!  You just get lost in that sea of SHIMMAH!!!
 Alter Ego Secret Lover with Bubbly over as accent
This July at CosmoProf, Cynthia introduced her NEW gorgeous and sexy bottles.  I LOVE them, they are so unique and BEAUTIFUL!!!!  They're curvy with those sexy cuts.

BUT, something folks may NOT know is that she ALSO reformulated her polish as well.  It used to be thicker. A great deal thicker that you could easily thin down with some 99% alcohol.  BUT... NO MORE!!!  The new formulation is SEXXXY!!!  It's smooth and goes on EASY!!!  It is easily build able, I did two coats with Secret Lover, but with the new smooth formulation I did three coats of Plumber with no extra drying time. BAM!!!

Here is Plumber.  Same new buttery smooth formula, very build able and SO PRETTY!!!!     Plumber also dries to a soft matte and gentle texture finish.  I slapped on some top coat, and smoothed her out just a pinch. I  apologize, I LOVE the natural texture of polishes, so I used CND Speedy top coat, which doesn't give that HIGH GLOSS finish.  I love the finish you see below.  BAM!!!
Alter Ego Plumber

How gorgeous is SHE!!!  A soft periwinkle with the most gentle of purple shimmers.  GORGEOUS!!!  I get lost in that stunning SHIMMAH SHIMMAH!!! 
Alter Ego Plumber
In the bottle you can see that sexxxy purple SHIMMAH that my nails can't seem to capture quite right.
Alter Ego Plumber
I am SO IN LOVE!!!!  She is SO beautiful. Different and unique.  More of a gentle softer color.  

Now something else I HAVE to talk about before I wrap this up.  You WILL see separation in your bottle. GET OVER IT.  Seriously, separation is NOT indicative of BAD polish.  No no NO!!!  It only means that the heavily pigmented polish is heavier than the base.  That's it.  There is NO reason to cause drama or freak out.  It happens. Expect it.

So here... I grabbed these out of my stash... these are all MAINSTREAM polishes, that you ALL have used and ALL love.  You don't go boo hoo-ing to them that their polish separated.  You shake shake shake, shake it UP!!! lol
Mainstream polish that all separate
The great thing about Cynthia's new bottles is that you can turn it upside down, place it on its lid and let it remix itself a bit.  If you have troubles with your wrists, after you turn it upside down you can just roll it on its side a few times.  EASY BREEZY!!  Or... just shake shake shake... shake it UP!!!! 

So if you have NOT yet tried Alter Ego, give her a try. She's getting ready to launch some newness so keep your eyes open for NEW GOODNESS!!!!!  Sparkly BARKLY GOODNESS friends!!!   She might have some tricks up her sleeve... like any Scandalous N' Sassy girl would love!!!!  Go browse Alter Ego's shop click here.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *


  1. Thank you for your spectacular review! I do very much appreciate your telling and showing settling colorants is no big deal and with my thinner formula it should only take 2-3 minutes for the upside down method :) Your attention to accuracy and detail is amazing!

    1. It fills me with SO much joy & happiness that you are happy with my review. I share the details with the buyers so they are educated and have the proper expectations. Thank you!!!