Friday, August 21, 2015

Ninja Polish... Vegas Collection Parts 2 AND 3 of 3

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

No worries, don't fret, I have NOT forgotten about you friends, nor have I forgotten about our NINJA miniseries!!! I just like to keep you in suspense a little. See if you're paying attention and if you want more.  Well, YES, of COURSE you want more!!!

So tonite I decided I'm just going to give you the REST!! ALL six remaining beauties. NO, you still do NOT get to hear the how and the why and the true actual shenanigans... BUT you can see the last six beauties waiting for you to purchase. IF you didn't already buy the full set you have lost your mind. It's a hella deal and savings.

Let's not waste more time here, shall we?  Let's just do this.

Oh... if you need to be reminded of the first three scandalous shades, please, click here.  Get acquainted and come back if you must, or check it out after. It's okay to not go in order, rules were meant for breaking. Also, if you haven't seen my review for THE Vegas Exclusive color from this collection, go look NOW... here. (please)

So first, we have Motorboat Madness.  Stunning!!!!  Silver grey with the most stunning silver shimmer.  She dries to a slight texture, barely. So if you like a wee bit of texture just leave her as is. Otherwise, slap on some top coat and keep on keepin' on.
Ninja Polish Motorboat Madness
 I used two coats here with a top coat.  I think the top coat also made the shimmers POP and come to life!!!  I love grays, so this... it's gorgeous!! Wowza, I just love her!!!  Motorboat madness, in all her glory!!
Ninja Polish Motorboat Madness

You know I HAVE to share macros, I might be mildly obsessed with macros because BAM, look at HER!!!
Ninja Polish Motorboat Madness macro
SPARKLE SPARKLE!!!!!  Isn't she BREATHTAKING!!!!  As she should be!!!

Ok, let's move on we have a LOT to get through here... next is a glitter topper. She's funky and wild, maybe a little wonky but in ALL THE RIGHT WAYS!!!  She is, of course, Bewbz & Butts.  (I'm smiling from ear to ear right now, Vegas brings out the freak in everyone.)  AND what is better than just merely Bewbz & Butts?!?!?!  That is RIGHT!!!  You win, WE win!!!  Bewbz & Butts over Motorboat Madness.  LOL
Ninja Polish Motorboat Madness with Bewbz & Butts as topper
Bewbs & Butts is a funky mixture of black, white and red assorted glitters. A micro glitter, rounds, squares. It's fun and a wee bit sassy.  I think this would look great over a LOT of the colors in this collection, so get WILD... try it out. Slap that sexy topper over anything!!!!  She's only one single coat and the glitters practically JUMPED out of the bottle. I didn't have to fish any out, or try to get them. There is a plethora of goodness to go around.
Ninja Polish Motorboat Madness with Bewbz & Butts as topper macro
I just did one top coat over the topper and there isn't much rough texture, everything lays smoothly, but you could get funky again NO RULES!!!  Slap two coats of top coat, or just one.  Have fun!!!!   Vegas IS fun!!

This next one is not one that I would normally grab up, but, as my best friend told me last nite, she is "glad that I'm starting to be a girl", and LOVE pinks.  LOL  Yes, guilty. I have NOT been a fan of pinks until recent and NOW... LOOK AT THIS STUNNER!!!!  She is a Handful of Shimmer...
Ninja Polish Handful of Shimmer
Two coats, smooth buttery formula.  My pictures do NOT do her justice AT ALL!!! She is a bright (but not neon) fuchsia pink red with the most beautiful shimmer. It almost looks like glass flecks because of how she glows but oh no... she SHIMMAH SHIMMAH!!!!  Isn't she SEXY!?!?!  Yes... Handful of Shimmer... PERFECTLY NAMED!!
Ninja Polish Handful of Shimmer macro
I didn't want to take this one off.  I was sad that I had NOT placed her at the end of my swatching event, BUT, that just means she's going to make a debut on my nails again and SOON!!!  You NEED her!! If you like reds OR pinks... YOU NEED HER!!!  So you, can have a Handful of Shimmer... all of your nails!!!

Let's keep moving along we are NOT done yet... onto Part 3 of 3...  with Luxor.

Luxor is the prettiest shade of buttery golden.  A linear holo that can just take your breath away and this does look VERY different on different skin tones.  I couldn't quite capture her holo-ness, but she's so buttery.  ANY Vegas collection needs it's gold and here she is...
Ninja Polish Luxor
Two coats, perfect formula and the holo is STRONG LIKE BULL!! I wish I was swatching during the daylight hours I know that the sunshine would have kissed this holo and made her BLOW YOU AWAY!!  I think my macro gives you a better idea... BAM!! HOLO!!!! HOLOOOO!!! 
Ninja Polish Luxor macro
So you want more?!?!  You're not done yet... you need MORE MEOW!?!? Ok... ok... let's go.  So the next one is beautiful and SPARKLY BARKLY... she has texture.. SPARKLES and TEXTURE and HOLO!!! OH MY!!!!  Yes, that's right, she has it all... Grabby Hands.  Well, if you are a grabby hands, well... then you would have it all too!
Ninja Polish Grabby Hands
Seriously, it's a super ULTRA micro fine holographic GLITTER!!!  YES!!! SPARKLY BARKLY baby!!!  She dries to a gentle texture, and she does eat up top coat. This is two coats of Grabby Hands, and I used two coats of a top coat and she still wanted more, but I loved her RIGHT AS IS!!!
Ninja Polish Grabby Hands macro
LOOK AT HER!!!!  Do you see that... the holo is SCREAMS LOOK AT ME!!!!  She is another fuchsia pink that back in the day I would NOT have looked twice at but dagnabit, NOW, now I LOVE HER!!!  Easy application, went on very smoothly and then dried to this funky gentle texture. Not too much that you would snag stockings, but then again... who wears stockings?!?!

And now friends... I have saved my absolute favorite for last. Because being last isn't always a bad thing... and tonite, it is a good thing. A VERY good thing!!!

I bring to you Pretty Brown Nipple.  Yes, that is her name. I'm not just throwing crazies out there.  Pretty Brown Nipple.. it is OK, say it with me PRETTY BROWN NIPPLE!  Don't get hung up on a name.  If someone asks what you are wearing and you don't think your audience is ready for Pretty Brown Nipple just come up with something, or just say "something from Ninja Polish". That, is always safe.  Enough rambling friends...
Ninja Polish Pretty Brown Nipple
And there... there she is.  The most beautiful perfect cinnamon cocoa brown with the STRONG LIKE BULL linear holo!!!!  Two coats. One top coat.  And... here is my confession.  I've worn her twice since swatching her which was only this week.  I do not do that.  I barely wear a polish twice.  But THREE TIMES.
Ninja Polish Pretty Brown Nipple
You can wear her for ANY reason, ANY day, ANY event and look sassy, sexy, stunning, professional, subdued, or just FUNKY!!! She is a win for ALL occasions!!!  Yes, Pretty Brown Nipple is THE perfect color for ANY and ALL events.  Or to just lollygag around the house!!!
Ninja Polish Pretty Brown Nipple macro
Do you see her... that holo?!?! That's in a light box, not even in the full blown Colorado sunshine!!!

So that is them friends. All 10 colors. Do the math, 6 from tonite.  Three from Part 1 and that gorgeous Vegas Exclusive, Streaking Ninja. There are contests going on NOW for that one... enter.

I think by now, you can tell that you need these.  IF you possibly don't think you want the entire collection at a great deal, then tomorrow, you can buy them individually. Pick n' choose. I have had THE most fun swatching these for you and playing.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

You can Like Ninja's page in Facebook, here, or you can follow her on Instagram @NinjaPolish.  Why are yo ustill sitting there, I haven't much more to say... go check out the collection yourself at Ninja's shop here.

I hope you have had THE greatest day!!! Thank you for hanging out with me for my review and opinions. IF your today wasn't THE best, then shrug it off and tomorrow, make it GREATER and make it AMAZING!!! Smile!!! 


  1. Glad your turning into a girl lol! Beautiful swatches

    1. LOL Thank you beauty!!! It's fun being girly!!!