Monday, August 17, 2015

Ninja Polish... Vegas Collection Part 1 of 3

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

That's right, we have a miniseries happening RIGHT HERE!!! Grab your popcorn but don't get too comfortable,  you're going to want to get moving and FAST!!

This past Saturday Ninja launched her newest collection, "Nothing Stays in Vegas".  It's 9 bottles of beauty. The collection technically is 10 bottles, with the Streaking Ninja that I previously reviewed, read more about it here.  So the 9 bottle collection is available NOW as one purchase at a really great price, only $75.00 for ALL NINE!!!  You do realize the savings right?  You need this MEOW!!!

So I'm going to tease you just a wee bit today... Part 1 of 3.  I'll start with 3 of the colors that are part of the collection.  And yes, you need these, "want" isn't even a part of the equation.

*Disclaimer: there may or may not have been SCANDALOUS SHENANIGANS going on in Vegas. I MAY or MAY NOT have been involved.  Never the less, NOTHING Stays in Vegas*

First up in these trio of Scandalous business... is the lovely 27th Floor Shenanigans (told you, SHENANIGANS)
Ninja Polish 27th Floor Shenanigans macro
She's a stunner. A very sheer, gentle lilac shimmer, PEARLY shimmer with this amazing teal shimmer popping out to say hellooooooo.  Two coats and a top coat. Smooth and buttery formula, no issues.
Ninja Polish 27th Floor Shenanigans
So feminine yet sassy with that teal shimmer.  Gorgeous and SO pretty!!! I'm not usually a pearl finish kind of girl, but I absolutely did NOT want to take this one off!!!
Ninja Polish 27th Floor Shenanigans
I love her!!!  Ok... ok... I'm moving on.  So the next one up is Sixlets Floam
Ninja Polish Sixlets Floam macro
Floam is top secret business, only a real Ninja knows about. BUT it is GORGEOUS!!!! Look at those SPARKLY BARKLY GLITTERS!!! Pink, purple green, blue... they are SO pretty!!!  This was three thinner coats with a top coat and I got it nearly opaque.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Great formula, not too thick at all, easy to apply. GORGEY!!!!
Ninja Polish Sixlets Floam
With a little distance it just sparkles and makes you want to look closer. SO pretty!!!  Such attitude in a bottle!
Ninja Polish Sixlets Floam

Seriously, and it's smooth, no real texture. (Not that I mind a good texture.)  Just so fun, makes you want to go out and be scandalous... doesn't it?  Ok... maybe if YOU were in Vegas. *wink*

Onto the last one for today... and ugh, I LOVE IT!!!!  Are you sitting?  Are you ready, I mean REALLY ready for it?  I'd hate to just share it and be like BOOM and you're all "oh yea, yawn".  SO WAKE UP!!!!

Ready or not...  here she HE is... Thunder Fever    BAM!!!!  
Ninja Polish Thunder Fever macro
He's sexy.  He's stunning.  He's waiting to be LOVED!!  YOU NEED TO LOVE HIM!!!  The above macro is two coats WITH a top coat.  PERFECT formula, went on like summer butter. But, hold up... I need to show you the next picture, and then, we'll chat.
Ninja Polish Thunder Fever
This handsome lady killer dries to this soft matte sueded finish. But on my ring finger I used a shiny top coat AND BOOM, the silver shimmers COME TO LIFE!!!  Almost as if he was shaking his bootay RIGHT THERE.  BAM!! 
Ninja Polish Thunder Fever
It's the most perfect shade of navy cobalt blue and with that satin type of finish SEXXXY!!!  So feel free to either leave it naked (as is), OR slap on a top coat MATTE OR SHINY!!! I think you can play with this one and will fall in LOVE with him... any way you want him.

So I am going to leave you with the Streaking Ninja... because NOTHING Stays In Vegas and... to remind you - KEEP on EYE on Ninja Polish!!!  She IS doing a giveaway, maybe a couple for the Streaking Ninja and it is the ONLY way you can get one.  
Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja

So if you NEED all 10... well, time to get busy, open your eyes and go start entering!!!Don't let her slip away!

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

You can Like Ninja's page in Facebook, here, or you can follow her on Instagram @NinjaPolish.  What are you still doing... go go GO to her shop and procure the the set of 9 NOW, here.

I hope today is the greatest day, regardless of the obstacles.  If you're not smiling, you know what to do... SMILE and MAKE IT GREATER!!!!  Happy Day friends!


  1. Beautiful swatches. There's a couple of must have's there. ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you beauty!!! Yes, this is a fun and gorgeous collection!!