Monday, August 24, 2015

I Support Indie Makers

* I have nothing to disclose *

There has been an awful lot of negativity clouding my air space in the indie nail polish world, because of one bad apple.  Mentality.  But you know what, a friend of mine and fellow blogger said enough is ENOUGH!!! And dagnabit... that negativity ends RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!!!!

Indie nail polish is my passion, it brings me so much joy.  To sit down with a sea of colorful sparkles in front of me and just slap some onto my nails.  No expectations, but you know what, that shit makes me HAPPY!!!  Not at all in a materialistic I "gotta have it all" way (well that's another story for another day LOL)... but in a simple creative outlet.  My natural nails are growing and have never looked so damn good. And you know WHY?? Because of all of the indie makers that MAKE GREAT POLISH!!!  They follow the rules, they are on the up and up. They disclose the materials and products in their little bottles of art.

And you know what?!?! I am not letting ONE BAD APPLE damage my Indie nail polish TREE!!!

So the HECK with 'em!!!

So check it out friends...  here are some of my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE brands that I LOVE and adore!!! And not only are the nail polish on the up and up... not ONLY are they exquisite bottles of ART!!! Nooooo... but dagnabit... the makers are ALL AMAZEBALLS!!! These are bottles of AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Yes, that is RIGHT!!!  AWESOMESAUCE!! You heard me and I did NOT stutter!!!  So at a time when people are freaking out and thinking "oh no, I need to stop buying indie polish"... I say to you DON'T DO IT!!! There are LOTS of great peeps and brands out there!! I urge you to seek them out.

I'm trying hard to remember all of my favorites, but hey... cut me a break, I like a LOT of amazing indies!!!  I apologize if I do, but here, here are some of my ABSOLUTE FAVS!!!!!!

6 Harts

Alchemy Lacquers

Alter Ego Nail Enamel

Bliss Polish

Bohemian Polish

Darling Diva Polish

Different Dimension Polish

Dollish Polish

Elevation Polish

Emerald & Ash

Ever After Polish

Fair Maiden Polish

Fancy Gloss Polish

Femme Fatale

Firecracker Lacquer

Girly Bits

Glam Polish 

Glisten & Glow

Lilypad Lacquer

Model City Polish

Ninja Polish

Northern Star Polish


Paint Box Polish

Painted Polish

Polished by KPT

Red Dog Designs

Sea Lore Polish

Serum No. 5

Superficially Colorful Lacquer

Sweet Heart Polish

and a great stockist that carries a nice variety of my favorites is:

Color 4 Nails

Oh my BIZCUITS!!!  LOLOL  Now that I see everyone above... maybe I have an indie addiction, I mean collection. Don't judge!!!

So what I am saying is right now is NOT the time to say "ohhhh woe is me" and give up on WHAT and WHO WE LOVE!!!  NO!!

Now is the time to say, ok one bad BAD brand is NOT bringing me down!!! And stop giving them all this FREE air time on YOUR RADIO!!!

I don't know about you... but life is just TOO SHORT to allow the meanies of the world to bring me down and to STEAL MY SUNSHINE!!! Forgedaboudit.  The negativity stops HERE!!!

So I invite you friends to go check out some of the brands I listed.  Find someone new, that you CAN and WILL feel comfortable buying from friends!!!  Don't let those meanies STEAL YOUR SUNSHINE!!!

Have the greatest day... and SHARE YOUR SUNSHINE... SMILE because dammit, it just LOOKS GOOD!!!

* I have nothing to disclose *


  1. Thank you for spreading the word one bad apple does not spoil the rest of the crop! Your enthusiasm and happiness for indies is heartwarming!

    1. Thank you beautiful!!! There is so much greatness and goodness and LOVE in the indie world!!! Now is the time to start supporting each other and lifting one another UP, instead of pushing "them" down. I LOVE Indies, with all my heart.

  2. Thank you! So many are doing things the 'right' way! It's always upsetting when one spoils it for everyone else! This is awesome! :)

    1. Exactly, we have SO many wonderful Indies that I do NOT want to fall in the bad publicity shadow of this mental monster. Thank you so much!!!