Monday, September 21, 2015

Fair Maiden

* press sample, provided for my honest review *  

YOU are a Fair Maiden, beautiful from within your soul!!!  So what could possibly be better than BEING a Fair Maiden, you ask? Well, you can wear the brand Fair Maiden on your nails!  This is a newer line I MUST introduce to you all... so soft and feminine, girly and lovely.  It screams I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Not like Verruca Salt from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory... no no no, this is a scream like Kate Winslet from Titanic, at the bow of the ship.  Elegant, gorgeous and in love, magical.

Something a little more special about this brand, is the makers. Yes, makerS.  Best friends, Sarah and Adrienne.  I was VERY lucky to have met them BOTH at CosmoProf, in Vegas, back in July and I LOVE THEM!!!  They are both genuinely sweet and adorable. VERY generous too.  Sarah might have even given me a polish, or two from her very own personal stash. 

Ok, enough blabbering here they are.  So, first I HAVE to show you Just a Mirage. This was/is the exclusive color made for CosmoProf BUT, hold onto your wallets... you CAN purchase it!!  It currently is unfortunately sold out.  No worries, have patience friends, it can be yours too!  It will be back in stock.
Fair Maiden Just a Mirage holo exclusive
SO GORGEOUS!!! Look at that sparkly BARKLY GOODNESS!!!  A very deep sultry mulberry wine with HOLO goodness!!!!  Two coats is all you need and BAM!!!  I get lost in it's beauty!!!  Gorgeous and perfect formula, two coats and bada bing. GORGEY!!!
Fair Maiden Just a Mirage holo exclusive
Next is a FUN color that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!  It's called Tickle Me Pink... and I AM tickled!!! AND PINK!!!!  Again, two normal coats and BOOM!!  Perfect coverage.  Formula is smooth and glides right on. Almost applies itself!!  I've heard a lot of neons get complaints about streaks. NO STREAKS here friends!!  Not even on the first coat.  Neon pink in ALL her glory!
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink neon
I have also heard that the neons pop BEST over a white undie. I did NOT USE an undie... this is commando.  And she is GORGEOUS!!!  She says, Hey lookie lookie.  I love this!  I'll be pulling it out mid-winter here in Colorado to remember the heat of the summer days.
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink neon
And my last, but not least gorgeous Fair Maiden is a topper.  Always Look for the Rainbow.  I LOVE THIS NAME!!!  It's a clear base with micro fine and small circle golden glitters AND a soft pink shimmery glow in the base.  Gorgeous! VERY girly and flirty.  I layered her over Tickle Me Pink and I think it's gorgeous.
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink with Always Look for the Rainbow topper neon glitter holo
They play very well together.  I think this topper would be an excellent compliment to MOST colors. Even ones that are cooler, I think the pink shimmer cools down even these hot golden glitters.  Of course, I don't follow rules, I break 'em and make 'em. 
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink with Always Look for the Rainbow topper neon glitter holo macro
* press sample, provided for my honest review *

If you have NOT already tried out the Fair Maiden beauties, you MUST try them.  They are THE sweetest makers and their polish is just beautiful.  It's a WIN WIN!!  Hurry now and go peruse their beauties, click here. 

Thanks friends for spending time with me and reading what I have to share.  Have the most beautiful of days, make it greater, make it special, make it wonderful and SMILE!!!!


  1. SO pretty!!! Love these! Your swatches are perfect =)

    1. Thank you!!!! Their polish is SO easy to love!!!! Thanks, I do try hard on my swatches!

  2. Love both colors! Your nails are looking great!