Monday, September 28, 2015

For Your Nose

* nothing to disclose *

I have a new type of review for you today friends.  This one IS For Your Nose... that's her company name AND she makes smell goods that smell GOOD FOR YOUR NOSE!!!  lol  I am SO excited to share her with you.  The creator/maker/owner is Lindy and she is an absolute DOLL!!!  LOVE her!

She has it all, from body moisturizers (lotions/spray oils), candles and wax melts, soaps/cleansersscent sacks for your car or lingerie drawer. I'm sure I'm missing something too!  lol I LOVE HER!!!  So I don't normally share this but, my all time FAVORITE scent is champanilla.  My bestie, Mandy, was wearing it a couple/few years ago and I smelled it and immediately knew there was nag champa in there and HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  Ok, I might be part hippie and that is the ONLY incense I burn in my home.  (Oh and Mandy is also the amazing photographer for Lindy, you'll love her photos.)

So ok enough blah blah blah...

In a handful of her body products, she has an option for Triple Scented, and it does cost more but it is SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!  My staples are the hydrating body & hair mist (both the triple scented), body butter and the roll-on perfume oil is awesome!  The roll-on is so easy to apply in a rush, or toss in my gym bag for on the go. 
For Your Nose bath and body products

Don't be overwhelmed friends, her scent/fragrance list is HUGE!!!  HUGE!!  She does offer sample sizes, so go there and grab a handful of whatever sounds amazing to try them out.  I do believe you will NOT be disappointed.
For Your Nose triple scented body butter

Body butter... it is SO THICK and LUXURIOUS!!! You can see from my picture that after I swiped a bit... it's not moving. It is NOT greasy, it's smooth and very silky.  I use it year round and it is always perfect.
For Your Nose triple scented body butter thick and rich

Then moving on to her wax... she offers candles, scoopable wax, clamshells (scent cubes), brickle, tart cups and the CUTEST shapes!   I love the selection. I'm sampling a handful of tart cups to see what I think about those, but then the clamshells are for scents I KNOW I'm going to LOVE!!!!
For Your Nose wax cubes

Cold sniff is amazing on all of these.  But warming them... the scent BURSTS into the air in my home... and walking through I'll catch a waft of yum and comforting fragrances.  I have a 24 watt warming plate. (Bought it from Michael's and it was the BEST investment. With their coupon it's less than $6.50 with tax.)  The scent lasts for well over a day, which in a higher wattage warmer is GREAT!
For Your Nose wax tarts

So if you have NEVER tried her, PLEASE... go check her out.  I think you will be VERY impressed.  No fancy glitters in my wax to clean out later.  She is a minimalist on packaging and I LIKE IT! I don't need fancy packaging, instead it is the product inside that is fancy and made me fall in love.

OH - and something VERY important... TAT (turn around time), how long is her TAT??  Yea, glad you asked because it is FAST!!!  Processing time is from 2 - 7 days currently. I ordered all my goodies and I received it in barely over a week. From order to my house.  BAM!  LOVE that!

* nothing to disclose *

Go check out her site, click here... take notes, and spend some time going through the master scent list.  DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED!! Try just a few scents via sample sizes.

What is YOUR favorite scent(s) friends?  Right now I am diving FACE FIRST into ALL things autumnal.  Pumpkin and cinnamon EVERYTHING!!!!

Don't forget friends... life is SHORT... SMILE because it looks beautiful on you and LOVE because it is just what we DO!!!   Happy Day!!

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