Saturday, September 12, 2015

Going Blue for a Good Cause, Alopecia Awareness

* nothing to disclose *

So today, September 12th, is an important day.  You probably had NO idea!!  I did NOT until recently, I was made aware.  Today is Alopecia Awareness day!! Heck, the month of September is Alopecia Awareness MONTH!! Didn't know that EITHER, did you?!  So, how better to show my or YOUR support?  Go blue.  Blue manis.  That is PERFECT because next to browns... BLUES are my FAVORITE COLOR!!!  And, this quite honestly is the most simple way to show support.  Paint one nail. Paint a few, heck pain THEM ALL!!! 

Silly fact:  For a few years, blue was the ONLY color in my tops wardrobe. I wore BLUE EVERY DAY.  One day at the office, someone I didn't even know approached me and said to me, "Every time I see you, you're wearing blue. Is that all you own?"  Which of COURSE, with a SMILE I responded, "Yes, it's my favorite". I don't know WHO she was or if she is even still at the company but I have since pushed myself out of the blue box for clothes.

SO.  Enough rambling on about ME.  This is all about supporting Alopecia Awareness... so I AM BLUE!!!

What better blues to do it with?  Wellllllll let me show you what I decided on...  which, may I add, it was NOT easy coming up with a blue.  ONE blue. Therefore, I jammed THREE blues into this baby. 

Elevation's SBP (small batch prototype) Southern Ocean and on my accent nail I used Elevation's Ubsunur with a quick coat of Lynnderella's When the Moon was a Star
Elevation SBP Souther Ocean and Ubsunur and Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
Can I just tell you WOWZA!!!  First of all, Southern Ocean just GLOWS, talk about SPARKLY BARKLY GOODNESS!!!!  Then the Ubsunur is a deep blackened blue with this warmth about it.  But to then slap on a coat of When the Moon was a STAR... PERFECTION!!!!  I even was lucky enough to get a star glitter on my nail.
Elevation SBP Souther Ocean and Ubsunur and Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
Do you see that GLOW?!!?  Ugh... stunning, she is SO PRETTY!!!  I got lucky bringing that Southern Ocean home to my hoard. I mean, collection.  
Elevation SBP Southern Ocean
And you KNOW I have to share yet another macro... MY FAVORITE...
Elevation Ubsunur with Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
How FUN is that Lynnderella???  I honestly bought that one for the name and the stars. I mean, how romantic is that?!?!  When the Moon was a Star!!!!!  LOVE IT!!  I also LOVE that I can see Ubsunur through it, that sexy blackened sky. I thought it was a perfect compliment.

Ok, in true ME form... I couldn't just decide on ONE blue mani... so I might have done a second one.
Not *might*, but I DID!! So, without further ado, here she is...
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
It's a little softer, a little more feminine with a WHOLE LOTTA SPARKLY BARKLY!!!  It's another couple favorites of mine, Paint Box Polish and Model City. Model City is layered for EXTRA sparkle on my accent nail. *sigh*
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
 Doesn't it make you want to lay on a beach somewhere with a fruity icey beverage in your paw??  ugh LOVE!!!
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
So apparently I have a very obvious VNL (visible nail line) as you can see in the pic above.  Apparently some of you hate it, some of you are indifferent.  Well, this was two coats of Paint Box Polish and I like the coverage so if you have a more prominent VNL, by all means, slap on a third coat. To me, it wasn't really necessary.  
But do what you do!!!  I'm not judging.
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
Paint Box Polish is from her latest collection, Blue Above the Bay and Model City is a small batch that she whips up each month (sorry you can't get that one) named SB07 August 2015.   LOOK AT THOSE GLITTERS!!!! 
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay
In my macro there is NO VNL... so I think it's the lighting, whatever. To each their own.  If you don't want to see a VNL, like I said. Third coat. BAM!  Me, I love getting lost in those FLAKIES!!!!!  I am IN LOVE with BLUE!!!

So, Alopecia is very real and very serious.  It has affected over 4.5 MILLION people in the United States of America alone!! That's not even talking the REST of the CONTINENT!!! Not to mention, it affects men AND women, and ALL ethnicities, and ALL ages. It happens to teenagers and younger.
* nothing to disclose *

If you would like to read more about it, check out the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, just click here.

Feel free to go check out these makers, they have LOTS of gorgeousness that you really do need.

Elevation Polish, click here
Lynnderella, click here
Paint Box Polish, click here
Model City Polish, click here

Ok friends, I hope that you may consider slapping on some blue polish to show some support for this great cause.  It's something very small to do but shows great support for those affected.

Have a great day friends, I hope it's the greatest day yet... and if it isn't, make happier decisions and MAKE IT GREATER!!! And at the VERY LEAST... smile. Because it looks good on ya!!

* nothing to disclose *


  1. Beautiful post and swatches! I love your enthusiasm. You make the exciting world of nail polish even more exciting! I'm rocking Elevation Melbourne today in support. Thank you for showcasing Blue Above The Bay!

    1. Thank you SO much!!! Indie polish and sparkles, and good causes... ok, LIFE just makes me enthusiastic. Every day is a new adventure. Melbourne, that must be beautiful!!! And you are MOST welcome, Blue Above the Bay just fills me with a whole lotta HAPPY!!!