Saturday, October 3, 2015


* press sample, provided for my honest review *

The brand is Pahlish, and I am SURE you have all heard of it.  If not, well, it's time you pay attention friends AND take notes!  The maker is Shannon, and she is a DOLL BABY!!!  The first time I met her was at the grand opening of Llarowe and immediately fell in love with her soul!

Today I have one of my all time FAVORITE trios of hers to share with you. Sad news, you can't buy it anymore. It was a limited edition trio, and I was SO lucky to get them at CosmoProf back in July.

Ok, I am just going to dive RIGHT in and show you the goods.
Pahlish Japanese Moon Melon
This first one is Japenese Moon Melon.  I sort of have an affinity for browns and blues and well... a neonesque blue, how GORGEOUS is THIS!!!! STOLE MY HEART!!!!  As if it's not enough to be THE most beautiful color... it's crammed FULL of silvery FLAKIES!!!  You MUST know my passion for FLAKIES!!!
Pahlish Japanese Moon Melon macro
Ok... look at it. Sparkly BARKLY!!!  I am so in love!!!

To carry on with those sexy flakies... let's go right into Melon Baller!!!  Ugh it is THE most perfect neon cantaloupe orange.  It leans just a wee bit pinkish, but it is AMAZEBALLS!!  Do you see it, crammed FULL of those FLAKIES!!!  Ugh... winner winner!!!!
Pahlish Melon Baller with pink flakies

Pahlish Melon Baller with pink flakies macro
Look at it, be still my beating heart!!!
Pahlish Watermelon Punch with pink flakies macro
So lastly, as if you aren't already worn out... yes, one more friends.  Watermelon Punch.  And seriously, she has taken the epidomy of summertime fresh watermelon and NEON-ed IT!!!!  AND, crammed IT full of yes, you got it... PINK FLAKIES!!!
Pahlish Watermelon Punch with pink flakies
So as sad as I am that autumn is now upon us... I can and will relive summer ALL AUTUMN and ALL WINTER with THIS TRIO!!!  The macros just SLAY ME!  I am not a normal pink fan, though I am slowly converting but wowza, this one... is STUNNING!!!

Tell me friends, which one is your favorite?  Even if you're not a neon fan, one has to really kinda catch your eye!!! Even if it is outside of your box.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

You just need to check out her goods, click here for her shop.  Every Sunday evening she restocks and usually has a couple bespoke batches (small batches that sell out FAST so you need to move it MOVE it).

DON'T FORGET FRIENDS... have THE greatest day and SMILE because life is just TOO SHORT!!

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