Monday, January 4, 2016

Painted Polish

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Friends... I have a VERY fun and SASSY polish for you today!!  Another new to me brand (I found her at CosmoProf in Vegas).. it's Painted Polish and the maker, Lexi, is a SWEETHEART!  LOVE HER!!  It's a perfect New Year's mani too, full of SPARKLY BARKLY bling!!

So, at CosmoProf, I actually was chatting with Yvette of Bliss Polish and kept staring at her nails and I asked what in the BIZCUITS she was wearing....  ummmm yea, this is it.  Drunk on Holo!!!  There is NO better name because I almost was literally DRUNK on HOLO!! I couldn't take my eyes off this!!! 

I could seriously JUST post the photos and say NOTHING and you WILL FALL IN LOVE!!! 

Painted Polish Drunk On Holo

I used three coats because I am a PURIST and I did NOT wear undies.  Nor, did I need them. So there.  Three coats with top coat and BLAM!!  SASSY!!  Do you see all that gorgeous holo!?!?!

Painted Polish Drunk On Holo

Ugh....  no words needed.  LOVE it.  Want it.  Need it.  Buy it!!!

Painted Polish Drunk On Holo macro


Then I blurred it just a wee bit for all that RAINBOWY GORGEOUSNESS!!!

Painted Polish Drunk On Holo blurred macro

It doesn't get better than THIS my friends.  IF you LOVE holo and who are we fooling, you & I both know... you LOVE HOLO!!!  You LOVE SPARKLY BARKLY GOODNESS!!!  If there is only ONE indie polish you MUST own... it is THIS one friends.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Check out the other Painted Polish goods, HERE. (Her shop is currently closed but opening, I *think*, this Friday the 8th) Not only does her nail polish blow my mind, but she has striping polish (for doing artistic lines on your nails) and has TONS of beautiful nail charms to make them extra blingy and scandalously beautiful!!!  You won't be disappointed, I assure you!!

Thank you for hanging out with me and thank you for drooling with me!!  *hands you a tissue*

Have THE greatest day and BUY ALL THE HOLO!!!  Oh, and SMILE because it feels good!!!

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