Sunday, January 31, 2016


*nothing to disclose*

Good day friends!!!  I am so excited and on a roll with new to me brands that I need to share. Today is another new to me brand and SO pretty!!!  Starrily is the brand and Heart of the Ocean is the color.  Seriously, the name is PERFECT. 

Here she is...

Starrily Heart of the Ocean

Isn't she LOVELY!?!!  That blue is so dreamy, a bright cobalt blue with a gorgeous smattering of holo.  Not holo that's a danger to drive with but just the right amount to let the blue sing effortlessly.

Starrily Heart of the Ocean

Two coats and a top coat. The formula was beautiful and smooth.  Easy to apply with no issues to report.  It's very lovely. Once I applied the the top coat, she just sparkled that SPARKLY BARKLY goodness and took my breath away.

Starrily Heart of the Ocean macro

*nothing to disclose

Currently the Starrily shop is closed, but check in on it now and then, just click HERE.
However, the stockiest, Live Love Polish carries some of the Starrily polishes, just click HERE.

You may notice that a lot of makers I am familiar with, or am friends with, but I'm not familiar with this maker. I honestly don't even know the maker's name.  BUT I figured I would still try out the brand and I am pleasantly surprised that I did.  Gorgeous

Have a wonderful and beautiful day friends and don't forget to SMILE!!!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! Your macro photo is just flawless...there's so much going on in this polish that you don't necessarily see at arm's length!!

  2. I was pretty obsessed with Starrily last year. I need to now wear my purchases lol! Love this polish!!!

  3. Wow, I love this! Super gorgeous color, great swatches!