Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer

* nothing to disclose * 

Hello again friends and happy day!!  Today I'm sharing with you one of my MOST favorite brands EVER... in the HISTORY of EVER!!!!  And, something I just can't seem to get enough of lately, vampy deep sexxxy colors.  BUT the bonus feature here, it is a duo and the names the colors it's just mind blowingly beautiful!!!!

So the brand is Lilypad Lacquer, and the maker is a TOTAL sweetheart, I have adored her for quite some time, Nicole. She never ceases to amaze me with her unique colors and blends, she's always pushing the envelope on creating new and fun and different.  Her unique polishes are what keeps me coming back for more... over and over and over. I tell her often that I'm just going to send her my paychecks.  LOL

Ok, no more chatter here... this due is Saint and Sinner.  LOVE THE NAMES!!  So first, let me hop in with Saint...

Lilypad Lacquer Saint

She is THE most beautiful and delicate but stunning white base with an amazing rosey red shimmer and HOLO!!!!  The name is perfect, she really is a Saint!  This is two coats with a top coat and seriously, I'm a broken record that PERFECT and flawless application.  Smooth as silk.

Lilypad Lacquer Saint macro

But look how simple and clean she is but that flirty red shimmer just screams I AM FUN DAMMIT!!! I LOVE the macro shot because you can see the holo POP and the red shimmer just saying HELLOOOO handsome.  LOLOL  I am IN LOVE!!! 

Lilypad Lacquer Saint

But now let's flip it and go right into Sinner...

Lilypad Lacquer Sinner

Makes you wanna sin, doesn't it?  She's deep, dark, delicious and ohhhhh so sexxxy.  LOVE LOVE HER!!!
Lilypad Lacquer Sinner

Ugh she's a stunning rosewood with a soft holo, not too overpowering, just enough to say Yep, that's right I AM a Sinner!!   Again, two simple coats, flawless and perfect formula.  EVERY TIME!  I have never had a wonky Lilypad.  There's a metallic glow in there, a shimmer that I can't place but I LOVE IT!!!!

Lilypad Lacquer Sinner macro

* nothing to disclose *

So Nicole and her beautiful Lilypad Lacquer is out of Australia. She has her own shop and it is actually open NOW for the next 6 ish days.  GO SHOP.   Just click HERE.

No worries, IF you can't buy from her directly, she does keep stockists WELL stocked in her beautiful polish creations.  So here are a few:

Beautometry, click HERE
Color4Nails, click HERE
Beauty So Fly, click HERE
Rainbow Connection UK, click HERE 

She also is out on Instagram to follow along, just click HERE
Lilypad Lacquer also has a page out in Facebook, click HERE a group, just click HERE to request to join.

That's all for today friends, thanks for hanging out with me and have a day just as beautiful as you are!!


  1. Wow, Saint and Sinner is gorgeous - it looks like an opal - so iridescent! Beautiful! I don't have any Lilypad's! I need to add that to my list of brands to try this year!

  2. I LOVE Saint!!!! Perfect cleanser! <3

  3. Love these! Especially sinner:)

  4. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! Normally I'd be more into Sinner, but Saint is just magnificent. White holos are just incredible. Awesome swatches!

  5. These are so pretty...I've sadly never tried this brand! I also have to say that I've been into dark, vampy colors lately...just in time for spring?!?? haha!