Thursday, October 27, 2016

Firecracker Lacquer

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

So I had made up my mind earlier in the year to walk away from blogging, but when I thought about it long and hard... I can't. I love indie nail polish. I love the community. I love the makers!!! I love the bloggers that I look up to.  So, here I am.  I am OVER THE MOON with my first post from the beautiful Firecracker Lacquer.  At Cocktails and Colors 2016, I met the beautiful Kendahl again, and was reminded of what beautiful creations she makes.  Today's friends is SO PRETTY!!!!  It's very feminine with that soft sassy edge that makes me GIDDY!!!
First I have to introduce you to Kendahl herself, at Cocktails and Colors 2016.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
And her adorable set up at the event.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
So... what I have today is I Plead the Fifth.  LOLOL   Best name EVER!!! Because, well everything that happens STAYS in Vegas... and well, hells yes, I do.. I Plead the Fifth!!!

This beauty sadly, is a Vegas exclusive.  Now I could be wrong, but I do believe that this one is an exclusive that was only given to us at the Cocktails and Colors 2016 event.  BUT... don't be sad that you can't get this one.. instead go check out her other beauties and don't miss out on any more!!!

So, here she is friends...
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
The softest lilac silver.  She's LOADED with holo and purple metallic flakies and purple microfine glitters... but then I *think* I see some assorted microfine flakies as well.  Seriously, I don't think anything else could join this party AND even with everything going on, it's gorgeous!!  Nothing is stealing the show.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
This is two coats and a top coat. And the formula, all of Kendahl's polish the formula is always smooth and buttery. Glides on like a dream!! No issues to report it's just perfect in every way!!!
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer macro
My camera was so excited by its beauty that it leans a little more silvery in my photos than it does in real life. I took a bazillion photos and I could not get the soft gentle lilac to come center stage.  So, please, I try to take color accurate photos.. this beauty is even prettier in real life.  And I apologize that I could not get that soft lilac to show up.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer collage
Never the less, while I Plead the Fifth is a Vegas exclusive and she is gone, please friends, go check out Kendah's shop, her Firecracker Lacquer really does satisfy and just like a fireworks show... you do a LOT of ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhh.  Just click HERE.
You'll find a LOT of gorgeous variety at her shop, from holos and glitters to crèmes.  There really is something for everyone!!!
* press samples, provided for my honest review *
Thank you so much for spending some time with me, and checking out this gorgeous polish.  I will be back again, I'm not leaving. I mean, how can I leave blogging when this brings me so much happiness to share with YOU beautiful polishes made from beautiful people!!!
Have the greatest day and don't forget... keep your sunshine going!!!

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