Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Heart Polish

* press sample, provided for honest review* 

Sometimes a polish is more than a name, more than a brand.  With Sweet Heart Polish, that is exactly the case... it's an amazing and beautiful brand, with fun colors and glitters, but the maker, Cassandra... is a SWEETHEART!!! I was very lucky to meet her in person in Vegas and I fell in LOVE with her soul! And, her polish!

I am VERY excited to share with you a few that I was lucky enough to receive. 

The first two are a Vegas "exclusive" duo.  Believe and Jubilee.  But don't be sad, stop your pouting... they are going to be available for EVERYONE for purchase TODAY!!!!  At her shop, 8 am pacific (yes, 9 mountain, 10 central and 11 eastern).

Also, this MIGHT look like a new brand to you... well, she's been around a while.  She completely
redesigned her labels earlier this year.  I LOVE the new labels.  Still the same beautiful formula we know and love... just a new gorgeous label.  
Sweet Heart Polish Las Vegas Exclusive Duo
Believe is a deep jewel blackened purple HOLO... two coats and a top coat. BAM!!! In your FACE!!!!
 Sweet Heart Polish Believe
 The sun was VERY happy with me...
Sweet Heart Polish Believe
  Meanwhile, Jubilee is this sassy POP of bright pink/fuchsia with lots of sparkly BARKLY HOLO!!!!  Also, two coats with a top coat... STUNNING!!!
Sweet Heart Polish Jubilee
So stunning, she takes my breath away!!!
Sweet Heart Polish Jubilee
BUT WAIT!!!  There's more!!!!  I was SO lucky I got a gorgeous crelly to sample as well.  Under the Boardwalk!!   Two coats (thicker coats so the glitters could lay freely) and a top coat. (I didn't even need a "chubby" top coat, because the glitters were laying smooth on their own.)
 Sweet Heart Polish Under the Boardwalk
 Isn't she beautiful!!! The soft pastels swimming in the white jelly base.  It's the gorgeous colors of cotton candy and salt water taffy.  Makes me think of summer on the Boardwalk when I was a kid in Atlantic City.

Cassandra has a little something for everyone, holos, glitters, crellies... OH MY!!!

Today she releases the Vegas "exclusives".  She is SO SWEET, she can't even make an exclusive TRULY exclusive... because well, when your polish is THIS GORGEOUS... why limit it to only a handful of amazing people?

* press sample, provided for honest review*  

Today at Sweet Heart Polish shop at 8 am pacific (9 mountain, 10 central and 11 eastern).. you can pick up your own Believe and Jubilee.  Also, check out her beautiful art in a bottle.  She LOVES Disney, if you can't tell.  If you're NOT a huge fan of Mickey ears or Minnie bows, don't freak out - those are REALLY easy to avoid.

Have the most beautiful day friends!! If it's not beautiful, pause, smile and MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL!!  Just like you!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Serum No 5

* press sample, provided for honest review*

What indie polish brand would be PERFECT on MY birthday... hold tight, you're about to see and hopefully be as excited as I am about it.

What goes best on a birthday???  Glitters (for sprinkles), bright fun colors (my cuppycakes) and GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!  This, can ONLY mean ONE maker, who nails it EVERY TIME!!!  Serum No. 5!!!  Victoria is the maker and she nails it for my birthday mani.
 Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life with Raspberry Delight accent
I used Yule Light Up My Life, which has a plethora of fun glitters in different shapes (hex, rounds, squares, micro) AND fun colors (gold, red, green, lime, pink, blues)... it is a PARTY IN A POLISH!!!  Two coats and a top coat, BAM, that's it.
Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life
My accent, Raspberry Delight, is the perfect bright cuppycake color to compliment my sprinkles.  It's a bright watermelon neon with a soft shimmer of pink.  Two coats and a top coat... DONE!!!!
Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life with Raspberry Delight accent

Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life with Raspberry Delight accent
 Ok... so now the fun surprise part that makes me GIDDY!!!  Yes, giddy like a fat kid in a cuppycake shop!!!

Trying to calm myself... but here it is:
Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life with Raspberry Delight accent GLOW IN THE DARK
GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!  Did you HEAR me?!?!?  GLOW - IN - THE - DARK!!!  This is NOT glow in the dark like the stars on your bedroom ceiling... no way.. look at the COLORS of the GLOW!!!  The Raspberry Delight is this gorgeous golden orange and the Yule Light Up My Life looks like a planet... a soft blue but the glitters speckle them.  I die.  DIE I tell you!!!!

Victoria's glow in the dark polish is TRULY in a league of their own.  They are NOT a thick textural gritty, they are ACTUALLY SMOOTH!!!  They're not only smooth but they are, COLORFUL, GLITTERY... SPARKLY BARKLY!!!

I don't know about you but THIS mani SCREAMS Happy Birthday TO MEEEEEE!!!!  I don't know a better mani to have on a day like today!!  Sparkly BARKLY... colorful fun glitters and bright fun PINK!!!
* press sample, provided for honest review* 

If you do NOT have Serum No 5 currently, you NEED IT!!  Yes... you DO!!  NEED!  Go browse Serum No. 5 shop also, you can find Victoria's products at Llarowe's shop where there's a great selection of Serum No. 5 to be found.   I know you're not still sitting here... GO... SHOP!!!

Have THE greatest day... Happy Birthday if it's your birthday or HAPPY UN-Birthday if it's NOT!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Darling Diva Polish

I just think I should warn you. Before I allow you to just jump into my very first review of an indie polish... I think you should perhaps take a seat.  Pull the chair up close to your monitor.  If you have asthma, go now and get your inhaler.  If you have a sensitive heart, please, proceed with caution.  I'm going to start my first review out with a WOWZA!!!!

If all of a sudden it sounds like the Fourth of July up in here... with all the oOoOohh's and aAaAhhh's, don't worry.  You are NOT alone!!  I'm doing it with you. 

My first review is from Darling Diva Polish.  It's a hidden Vegas Exclusive, and I am NOT sure how I was lucky enough to get this beauty.  The name alone makes my heart skip a beat.  Tie Dyed Ho-bag.  Yes, that's the name I am NOT getting sassy, yet. I repeat, she is called Tie Dyed Ho-bag.

** One more warning, this review is VERY photo heavy.  You can thank me later. **

Three THIN coats and a top coat. Formula is flawless, went on like a dream.  (No undies were used here, but maybe that's why she's the "ho-bag".)

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Full sunshine and she is just remarkable!!

She's a sexy multichrome (purple/blue/green shift) with holo and rainbow flakies.  Be still my heart.

LOOK AT THE COLOR and the SPARKLY BARKLY goodness!!!!  Looking at these pictures as I upload them to share with you, I just take a deep breath, she's so stunning!

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Though this one is blurred, I think it's still a great view of the colors within the multichrome.

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Here are a few from inside where you get a little of multiple colors coming through and you can see, even indoors it is STUNNING!!  Sunshine makes her sing, but she is SO beautiful she is whistling Dixie in the shade.
Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

Darling Diva Polish Tie Dyed Ho-bag holo flakies exclusive

This product was given to me, for my honest review.  And let me tell you I am more than honored to be able to present her to you, in all her gorgeous glory.

Sadly, since she was a hidden Vegas Exclusive you can not purchase her.  I'm sorry.  BUT, I do invite you to go peruse the Darling Diva Shop for other beauties.  Darling Diva Polish store

Thank you for coming along with me, joining in on my journey.  If perhaps I brought a smile to your day, I would love if you would share my post with friends that may also drool a little and smile a lot.

Have the greatest day friends, and if it's not - make it greater!! Life is just too short for anything other!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hello world...

Who am I... I'm me.  A little silly, a lottle sassy (it's sort of a little but it's really a lot) and a wee bit scandalous.  I smile as much as I can and sharing a smile makes the smile in my heart grow exponentially.  I love to make new friends wherever I go, and I try to leave a little sunshine in my wake.  Coffee runs in my veins and sparkle fills my soul.

I have three cats that are my heart. Fatty, Pretty and Buddha.  Fatty is the queen of the house, Pretty runs the house (she's the HBIC) and Buddha is my lover boy.  You can be sure that I'll share pictures of them from time to time.

I had acrylic nails for the better part of the last 20 years. Long, gorgeous and terribly unhealthy for my nails. So a few weeks ago, I had the acrylics removed and now... it's just my natural nails.  Stubs.  I'm using the IBX professional system to try and heal them and get them healthy enough to grow a wee bit on their own. 

I invite you to come along on my journey... I'm Scandalous N' Sassy and I hope to share my smile with you, along with my indie nail polish swatches/posts. The indie nail polish community is full of beautiful souls and amazing, artistic, mind blowing nail polish.  I will share some of my most favorite with you from my tiny corner of the world.

Thank you friends!!!  (I always say, there's no such thing as a stranger... they are only friends you haven't met yet.)   Have the greatest day and if it isn't... make it greater.