Thursday, October 22, 2015

Superficially Colorful Lacquer

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Hello again friends!!  I'm so excited about today's polish I could just BURST!!!!  These came to me... to you... all the way from Israel!!  YES, Israel!!! My dearest friend, Jin, is the maker of Superficially Colorful Lacquer and I FINALLY got to MEET HER and SQUEEZE HER and LOVE HER while having the MOST fun in Vegas, at CosmoProf.  Let me tell you, she is THE most BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!  I love EVERYTHING about her, including her BEAUTIFUL polishes.  The formula is PERFECT!  Two coats, top coat.  DONE!  BAM and it is WINNING!!

So sadly the two colors I am going to share with you are Vegas CosmoProf exclusives.  I'm sorry.  BUT the good news is that she has LOTS more where these came from AND even though she ships from ISRAEL... they get here faster than waiting on a package from the other side of the states!!!  Bonus, she JUST released her gorgeous Halloween Collection (go look). 

Without further ado... I present, You Only Live Once.  *sigh*  She is GORGEOUS!!!  Simply GORGEOUS!!  The prettiest raspberry purple with SUPER HOLO and silvery shimmers.  She dries to a satin finish, so slap on a top coat if you wanna SHINE!!!
Superficially Colorful Lacquer You Only Live Once
Look at that glow?!?!? 
Do you see it??  She's GLOWING FROM WITHIN!!!  And you know WHY!?!?! 
Because... You ONLY Live ONCE!!! She is simply beautiful.
Superficially Colorful Lacquer You Only Live Once
You know I had a macro coming...  look, just look and appreciate...
Superficially Colorful Lacquer You Only Live Once macro

[Interesting tidbit - After being in Vegas not even 8 hours, the Kiko that I was wearing chipped TERRIBLY and I was SO embarrassed that I was at a nail polish gathering with chipped polish.  BUT Jin was AMAZING and she gifted You Only Live Once that nite... so of course I had to hurry up and redo my mani.  (Because YES I travel with polish remover and cotton LOL)  This polish stayed on my nails for THE REST OF MY STAY!! FLAWLESSLY!!!  I applied it on Saturday evening and it was on until I arrived home Wednesday.]
If that doesn't speak volumes I don't know what does!!!  LOVE!!!

... and the lovefest continues... 

Stay Classy Las Vegas.  LOL  Hey, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas (or most of it does anyhow).  I will neither confirm nor deny being classy.  BUT this polish is ALL CLASSY!! She is to me, Jin in a bottle!!!  She is THE prettiest cherry red with just a wee pinch of coral and her serious sexxxy HOLO!!!  The color reminds me of Jin's gorgeous hair, fiery and sassy.
Superficially Colorful Lacquer Stay Classy Las Vegas
Just gorgeous, she is a color that just screams LOVE ME!!!  Ready or not, you will fall in love!!
Superficially Colorful Lacquer Stay Classy Las Vegas
...and the macro money shot...
Superficially Colorful Lacquer Stay Classy Las Vegas macro
I love her polishes... ALMOST as much as I LOVE HER! Jin, thank you for creating such beauty.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Friends, I hope you enjoyed her polishes as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.  I know you can't buy THESE exact polishes, but no worries she has a shop full of goodness.

Go check out her Superficially Colorful Lacquer shop here.  She makes not only stunning holos, but her thermals (color changers) are GORGEOUS and quite sensitive.  I think you will find something that you will also fall in love with.

Thank you friends!  Have the greatest day and share that smile, someone needs it more than you!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sweet Heart Polish The Wonderous Collection

* press sample, provided for my honest review *
Hello friends!!!  I am VERY excited to share with you this Sweet Heart Polish collection.  It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, one of my MOST FAVORITE stories of ALL TIME!!!  The colors are beautiful and so perfectly represent the names they were given

I honestly think that Cassandra has outdone herself with this collection. 
I am IN LOVE and I present to you, The Wonderous Collection.

Let's just start with, Off With Her Head! 
She is a soft rosy pink crelly with microfine matching rosy pink  glitters and MAJOR HOLO!!! 
It would have to be BIG to represent the Queen of Hearts...
Sweet Heart Polish Off With Her Head!
She's a simple two coat stunner, with a top coat.  LOOK, do you see all that HOLO!!?!?! 
And it's the PERFECT rosy pink goodness. If you struggle with VNL, throw on a third coat,
it will apply beautifully. 
Sweet Heart Polish Off With Her Head! macro
I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late! ... is THE most perfect color for the White Rabbit.  Bouncing about, left and right checking that golden pocket watch.  She's a tangerine crelly with microfine glitters and tiny hex orange glitters with amazing holo.  I used three coats here to ensure my VNL was covered and it was perfect.  A top coat over. Perfect formula, as by now we expect.
Sweet Heart Polish I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!
I LOVE IT!!!  Ugh, perfectly representing the pocket watch he's always staring at, worrying of his tardiness.  LOL  This, was my stunner of the collection.  I am not a huge orange/orange ish fan... but this is so much more buttery golden that I absolutely LOVE IT!!!  LOVE!!!  And all that sparkly BARKLY GOODNESS  Gahhhhh
Sweet Heart Polish I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! macro
*deep breath*  She Must Be a Weed... a gorgeous seafoam green crelly with microfine iridescent glitters that casts the most beautiful rainbow shimmer with a HOLO we all know and LOVE!!!  Perfect color for the flowers discussing what garden Alice came from, and since she didn't come from a garden well, She MUST Be a Weed.  lol
Sweet Heart Polish She Must Be a Weed
Look at all that SPARKLY BARKLY BEAUTY!!!!  It just glows from all that holoy goodness!!!
Sweet Heart Polish She Must Be a Weed macro
Let's keep moving along, I have more where those came from.... 

Who R U?  Rather Whooooooo R Youuuuuuuuuuu... the scandalous caterpillar sitting atop his psychedelic mushroom, puffing on a hookah. This is a bright beautiful plummy violet crelly JAMMED full of psychedelic multichrome flakies.  As any hookah puffin caterpillar would approve of, and I as well... FULLY APPROVE!!!!  Mmmmm
Sweet Heart Polish Who R U?
Look at those FLAKIES!!!!  Flakies, I just can NEVER get enough!!  I used three coats and again, perfect formula.  Smooth and buttery.  I'm in love with this one.  So fun, but deep and dark.
Sweet Heart Polish Who R U? macro
Now it's time for One Lump or Two?  Yes... it's tea time, Alice hesitantly joins the Hatter, the Dormouse and the March Hare (who I always think is the White Rabbit but is NOT)... for a cuppa tea.  The Dormouse inquires, One Lump or Two?...  I love it!!   This is a gorgeous dark grapey violet base with the most PERFECT blue and raspberry purple shimmers. 
Perfectly matches the Dormouse's little outfit (hat, jacket and shirt).
Sweet Heart Polish One Lump or Two?
Just perfect, I used three coats here with a top coat. Again, the stunning buttery formula we all know Sweet Heart Polish to have.  I'm in LOVE with all that sparkly beautiful GOODNESS!!!  And, how perfectly it represents that cute little Dormouse!!!
Sweet Heart Polish One Lump or Two? macro
Ok, I saved the best for last.  Ok, it's hard to say the BEST... but She's Stark Raving Matte is amazing. I hardly have words for her.  She's a silver grey with raspberry to violet shifty shimmers and a gorgeous waxy finish.  Not a dead flat matte, but a waxy sheen. 
Sweet Heart Polish She's Stark Raving Matte
This scene was at the tea party, again with the Dormouse, the Hatter and the March Hare and the March Hare starts in with asking Alice silly riddles and exclaims that Alice is just "stark raving mad".  LOL  So this is the PERFECT color for it.  It's a riddle in itself... a stunning shimmah shimmah that's MATTE'D.  LOVE!!
Sweet Heart Polish She's Stark Raving Matte macro
Do you LOVE IT?!?!  Without a topcoat it is MY FAVORITE!! I'm always in LOVE with an interesting matte polish that I don't have to slap a matte topcoat on top of.  She's two coats and couldn't be more perfect.
Sweet Heart Polish She's Stark Raving Matte macro with glossy topcoat
BUT.... I had to slap a glossy topcoat on her just to see if those shimmahs would POP and WHOA...
Sweet Heart Polish She's Stark Raving Matte with glossy topcoat
WOWZA... simply... WOWZA

So I have good news and slightly bad ish news... the bad ish news, you can not buy her as an individual purchase.  BUT the GREAT news is that if you purchase the full set for $55 she comes with the full set.  That's the only way you can procure her. 

Honestly, I think that's the best way to go anyhow.  EVERY one of these colors are a MUST HAVE!!!  And the full set is worth the price of admission ALONE to She's Stark Raving Matte. 

 * press sample, provided for my honest review *

This gorgeous collection launches this coming Friday, October 16th at 9 am pacific standard time (which is 10 mountain, 11 central and noon eastern).  If you don't already have the shop bookmarked, you can shop Sweet Heart Polish, here.  Check out all of her available colors, if you haven't already or if she is new to you.  (and look at all her GLITTER toppers, GAHHH)

Have the greatest of days friends and thank you for spending this time here with me. Smile!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Darling Diva Hellraiser Collection

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

I have an exciting collection to share with you, from one of my absolute MOST favorite makers, and dearest friends...  Darling Diva Polish.  It's her latest collection inspired by the movie, Hellraiser.  Let me tell you friends... there is a LOTTA hell to be raised up in here!!!

I have no rhyme or reason on what to show you first, so we are just going to DIVE IN with Taste Our Pleasures.  She is STUNNING!!!  She's a red leaning orange crelly PACKED full of multichrome flakies and microfine glitters.  And I honestly did NOT think I was going to LOVE her... because the hint of orange scared me... but I did NOT want to take her off.
Darling Diva Polish Taste Our Pleasures
LOOK AT THOSE FLAKIES!!!  Gahhhhhhhhh  I used three thin coats here with a top coat, formula was so smooth. Friends, there are no words for this whole collection, let alone Taste Our Pleasures.  I'm in love already and we have only just begun. Quite timely for the season, she is gorgeously autumnal.
Darling Diva Polish Taste Our Pleasures macro
Another one that really surprised me by her sneaky scandalous beauty is I'm a Demon of My World.  Yes, apparently she IS!!!  Pure evil... good taunting evil!!!  She's a bright olive pine green crelly just JAMMED full of assorted glitters and HOLO. WHOA the HOLO!!!!
Darling Diva Polish I'm a Demon of My World
Ugh...  do you see how BEAUTIFUL!!!!  This would not be my first grab for a green, but OH MY BIZCUITS!!!  Grabby hands... gimme gimme!!  I also used three thin coats here to make cover my VNL, I think it looks stunning.
Darling Diva Polish I'm a Demon of My World macro
Ok... now, for what the whole collection is based on... Hellraiser.  OH MY BIZCUITS!!!  Yes... a beautiful berry wine with SUPER HOLO... holo that makes you want to stare at your nails instead of driving. DO NOT DO THAT.  lol
Darling Diva Polish Hellraiser
That glow from within... I couldn't stop staring at her and my lights did a great job capturing the beauty.  I used two coats here with a top coat.  Easy breezy, perfect flawless formula.  This, is a LOTTA HELL to be RAISED!!!
Darling Diva Polish Hellraiser Macro
I hope you are sitting down. I should have prepared you more for this.  Are you sitting?  I mean, NOT on the edge of your seat either... yes that's right sit back. Take a deep soothing breath.

Ceno-O-Bite Me...
Darling Diva Polish Ceno-O-Bite Me
YES!!!  Do you SEE THAT!!! She is SHIFTY!!! She is SASSY and I LOVE HER!!!!  She shifts from a deep bright grapey purple to a scandalous raspberry with this AMAZEBALLS HOLO!!!!  Ugh...  I took a few shots and honestly, she's even MORE GORGEOUS!!!  
Darling Diva Polish Ceno-O-Bite Me color shifting
Two coats, with a top coat and she was perfect in every way.  *sigh*  Plus I enjoy saying that, Ceno-O-Bite Me, makes me giggle a bit.
Darling Diva Polish Ceno-O-Bite Me color shifting macro
I know, you want to sit and gawk at her beauty but let's keep going we aren't even DONE!!!  I KNOW!!!  YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE

I have We'll Tear Your Soul Apart... and yes, she will.  Ok, if not your soul... your wallet.  LOOK AT HER!!!  She's a deep dark and delicious blackened purple stuffed FULL of multichrome flakies!!!  Ugh, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her I was going to fall in love... and in love, I have fallen. 
Darling Diva Polish We'll Tear Your Soul Apart
Look at her close up, all that deliciousness... DELICIOUS!!!!  Nom nom nom  I *might* have licked my own nails.  LOL
Darling Diva Polish We'll Tear Your Soul Apart macro
Ok, the next one is her glitter topper and I LOVE Carrie's GLITTER TOPPERS!!!!  I have missed them SO MUCH!!!  And now...  I have Such Sights to Show You. Yes, YES I DO!!!  Right here...
Darling Diva Polish I Have Such Sights to Show You
So first, I had to see her on a stark white undie... I wanted to see all those yummy glitters that are ROCKING HER WORLD!!!  Seriously, it's FULL... there's black & purple hex, green stars & moons, black stars, microfine orange and iridescent glitters and purple squares... OH MY!!!!  I thought I had seen it all.
Darling Diva Polish I Have Such Sights to Show You over white undies macro
BUT WAIT... there's MORE... I thought for the heck of it, let's topper a pitch black undie... and so, I did.  And WOWZA!!!!  DO YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!  All that sexy super fine green shimmah... SHIMMAH SHIMMAH that shows up and says HELLOOOOO... ugh.
Darling Diva Polish I Have Such Sights to Show You over black undies macro
I used two coats of the topper on both the white and the black because I LIKE THE GOODS!! I want it all, and though one coat would have been fine... I had a Veruca Salt moment and I WANT IT ALL DADDY!!!! So, indeed, I had it ALL!!!
Darling Diva Polish I Have Such Sights to Show You another over black undies macro
There is just SO MUCH going on in a dayum good topper, and THIS, my friends... is GORGEOUS!! Perfect for the holiday upon us and the autumnal feel.  The gorgeous colors and SPARKLY BARKLY!! It has it ALL!!!

So this brings me to our last one, friends.  If you haven't been counting, it's #7 in the line up and what a grand finale she makes.   Demons to Some, Angels to Others... and yes, yes she is.
Darling Diva Polish Demons to Some, Angels to Others
She is THE most gorgeous and perfect nude with a green/golden shimmer EXPLODING with multichrome flakies.  FLAKIES!!!  NUDE with FLAKIES!!!!  Ugh, be still my heart... she is indeed a Demon and an Angel and I LOVE HER!!!
Darling Diva Polish Demons to Some, Angels to Others macro
I used three coats to thoroughly cover my VNL and to just stare at that flakie goodness. I think I would have probably put on another coat, but it wasn't necessary and I was just OUT OF CONTROL!

I'm out of breath.  *sigh*  and this sadly, friends... is the end of my review.  SEVEN STUNNERS!! Carrie and that cutiepie hubs, Rick, have BLOWN MY MIND!!! I am in love with EVERY color in this collection. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say ALL.  I'm good with them ALL being my favorites.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

So, this is a ONE pour collection and I am VERY sorry to say that the collection launched yesterday midday... BUT the good news is that NONE are sold out yet.  Go peruse the collection, at the Darling Diva Polish site.  Just click here.  The full collection is THE best price, $65 AND you get a free topcoat.  You'll be glad you did it.

I thank you friends for sharing your time with me, tell me.. which one is your favorite??   AND do NOT forget, to smile... make it greater, make it wonderful!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sweet Heart Polish - Addicted to Holo Box (October 2015)

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Sometimes I get a new polish in the mail from a favorite brand, and I love it SO much that I IMMEDIATELY remove my fresh mani and re-paint my fingernails.  It's not often (because I'm kind of lazy ish), but it HAS happened with this polish that I'm about to share with you.

Cassandra of Sweet Heart Polish is a standard contributor to the Addicted to Holos Indie Box, along with a four other brands, they offer a bi-monthly box full of beautiful holos that will knock your SOCKS OFF time and time again.  Cassandra sent me her contribution for October which is CURRENTLY available for preorder (hurry preorder ends October 12, 2015). It's $50 plus the shipping costs (which they lowered the price of the box, it used to be $60 plus shipping).  This is a STEAL!!!!

Ok, enough blah blah... it's time to show you this STUNNER!!!  Her name is Sugar & Spice and she is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COLOR EVER!!!  In the HISTORY OF EVER!!!  She's near and dear to my heart because I helped come up with the color AND I named her!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEEEE
Sweet Heart Polish Addicted To Holo Box October 2015 Sugar & Spice macro

So first, look at the color!!!  She's THE perfect milk chocolate with LOTS of pink and coppery shimmers that just make her GLOW!!! And HOLO... STRONG LIKE BULL HOLO!!!!  Ugh... she's so creamy and dreamy. I am SO IN LOVE!!!  Cassandra couldn't have made her more perfect in ANY WAY! It's like she pulled the vision from within my brain out and bottled it.  PERFECTION!!  Here is a photo that I added a little more lighting to so you can see the HOLOOOOO....
Sweet Heart Polish Addicted To Holo Box October 2015 Sugar & Spice extra lighting

Not to mention, like all of Sweet Heart Polishes.. the formula is perfect, smooth and buttery. Two coats and a top coat.  Serious perfection.
Sweet Heart Polish Addicted To Holo Box October 2015 Sugar & Spice macro
I did not get the other maker's polishes, I only swatched for Cassandra... but I DO suggest RUN do NOT lollygag... and GO PREORDER your OWN BOX NOW!!!!  The colors this month by the other makers are GORGEOUS!!  And I think I *might* have to buy a box just to have a back up of this gorgeous Sugar & Spice.  YAY!!!! Here is another pic with standard lighting, what to expect more indoors.  Ugh... kills me she's so beautiful!
Sweet Heart Polish Addicted To Holo Box October 2015 Sugar & Spice indoor/standard lighting

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Go preorder your own Addicted to Holo box here, and check out the Sweet Heart Polish goodies here.

IF you possibly have NOT tried Sweet Heart Polish, you are missing out... it's time to rectify this bad behavior.  LOL 

Thank you for joining me here on my journey friends, I wish you the greatest and most wonderful day!!!  Share your smile... because life is TOO short, and someone needs it more than you!!! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015


* press sample, provided for my honest review *

The brand is Pahlish, and I am SURE you have all heard of it.  If not, well, it's time you pay attention friends AND take notes!  The maker is Shannon, and she is a DOLL BABY!!!  The first time I met her was at the grand opening of Llarowe and immediately fell in love with her soul!

Today I have one of my all time FAVORITE trios of hers to share with you. Sad news, you can't buy it anymore. It was a limited edition trio, and I was SO lucky to get them at CosmoProf back in July.

Ok, I am just going to dive RIGHT in and show you the goods.
Pahlish Japanese Moon Melon
This first one is Japenese Moon Melon.  I sort of have an affinity for browns and blues and well... a neonesque blue, how GORGEOUS is THIS!!!! STOLE MY HEART!!!!  As if it's not enough to be THE most beautiful color... it's crammed FULL of silvery FLAKIES!!!  You MUST know my passion for FLAKIES!!!
Pahlish Japanese Moon Melon macro
Ok... look at it. Sparkly BARKLY!!!  I am so in love!!!

To carry on with those sexy flakies... let's go right into Melon Baller!!!  Ugh it is THE most perfect neon cantaloupe orange.  It leans just a wee bit pinkish, but it is AMAZEBALLS!!  Do you see it, crammed FULL of those FLAKIES!!!  Ugh... winner winner!!!!
Pahlish Melon Baller with pink flakies

Pahlish Melon Baller with pink flakies macro
Look at it, be still my beating heart!!!
Pahlish Watermelon Punch with pink flakies macro
So lastly, as if you aren't already worn out... yes, one more friends.  Watermelon Punch.  And seriously, she has taken the epidomy of summertime fresh watermelon and NEON-ed IT!!!!  AND, crammed IT full of yes, you got it... PINK FLAKIES!!!
Pahlish Watermelon Punch with pink flakies
So as sad as I am that autumn is now upon us... I can and will relive summer ALL AUTUMN and ALL WINTER with THIS TRIO!!!  The macros just SLAY ME!  I am not a normal pink fan, though I am slowly converting but wowza, this one... is STUNNING!!!

Tell me friends, which one is your favorite?  Even if you're not a neon fan, one has to really kinda catch your eye!!! Even if it is outside of your box.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

You just need to check out her goods, click here for her shop.  Every Sunday evening she restocks and usually has a couple bespoke batches (small batches that sell out FAST so you need to move it MOVE it).

DON'T FORGET FRIENDS... have THE greatest day and SMILE because life is just TOO SHORT!!