Saturday, February 27, 2016

the Don Deeva

* nothing to disclose *

Good morning and good day friends!!  I'm back with another GORGEOUS and STUNNING beauty for you today!!  I have another brand that is brand spankin' new to ME and to review.  I love when I find an amazing brand, it's like finding yet another diamond in the rough.

Today my review is on the Don Deeva.  The maker, Danette, is super SUPER sweet!  She keeps it real and is REALLY creative! She truly has a skill at creating fun and unique while keeping her formula buttery beautiful.

So let's just get to it... today I am going to show you Wisteria.  This is a VERY limited edition and it is a MUST!!

the Don Deeva Wisteria


the Don Deeva Wisteria macro

Do you SEE HER BEAUTY!!!!  The soft golden shimmer in that soft and delicate pinky lilac-y splendor??

the Don Deeva Wisteria

So with one coat I thought, oh brother, a sheer polish... but it sure did SPARKLE from being LOADED with FLAKIES!!!  NOT chunky or heavy flakies but super soft fine flakies that really pack a WOWZA punch of sparkle!! 

So, after applying the 2nd coat I realized this is MAGIC BAM, like that it's opaque and stunning... seriously STUNNING!!  There is the softest shimmer of a golden hue and the flakies play with one another shifting between shades of blues and purples.  There's an iridescent glow that just draws you in!!!

Needless to say, I used two coats and a top coat and am IN LOVE!  The formula was buttery smooth, just flowed flawlessly.  I couldn't possibly love this any more.  Danette, you are amazing and I can absolutely see a long future with you!

* nothing to disclose *

the Don Deeva offers quite a variety of beauties... from jellies and thermals, even solar polishes... flakies and glitters.  She also does customs as well, being inspired from just a simple photo.  (I have another review already in the works on a custom.)

Feel free to peruse the Don Deeva shop, just click HERE.  Also, if you're not already following her on Instagram, you can by clicking HERE.

She also has a fan group out in Facebook land, you can request to join that by clicking HERE.

Ok friends, that's all we have for today, thank you for hanging out with me and checking out my review.  Have THE GREATEST of days... and if you're not already, then SMILE because it feels so good!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sea Lore Polish

* nothing to disclose * 

Friends, I have THE most SPECIAL-est (yes I am saying special-est) polish in the WORLD!!!  Please hold on while I explain.  I partake in swaps periodically and this last swap I was surprised with THE sweetest and most love filled package EVER.  My secret swap person was Joyce, from Joyfully Pampered.  She is a friend of mine and a total TOTAL sweetheart.  (She vlogs and posts on IG as well, click HERE to follow her on Instagram)

One of the two polishes that were included was this one I'm going to share with you, from Sea Lore Polish and it is AMAZING!!!   Joyce contacted the amazing Jamie (who is a dear friend of mine) from Sea Lore and explained she wanted a custom polish.  Jamie doesn't even DO custom polishes, so I am VERY lucky that Joyce is also good friends with Jamie. (It's a circle of friend love here folks)  Joyce sent a couple photos of my baby boy, Buddha (my boy cat) and wanted a polish made to represent him.  He is one of the LOVES of my LIFE!!!!

So, without further ado... here is Buddha's Sea-cret Admirer 

Sea Lore Polish Buddha's Sea-cret Admirer

Isn't it STUNNING!!!!   Now, here is the inspiration pic and the idea behind it.

Sea Lore Polish Buddha's Sea-cret Admirer inspiration

I just die, and I get overwhelmed with emotions.  No one has ever created a custom for me and seriously, Jamie NAILED IT!!  It is PERFECTION!!!  That's my baby boy!!!

Sea Lore Polish Buddha's Sea-cret Admirer

Let's see if I can remember  how Joyce put it... "The pink hearts and black triangles are for his sweet heart shaped nose with a black triangle/heart on it.  The black and white glitters are for his fur colors and the dash of sparkle are for the sparkle he adds to your [my] life."  I'm going off memory so that may not be a PERFECT quote, but I think it's darn close.

Sea Lore Polish Buddha's Sea-cret Admirer macro

So my baby boy also LOVES boxes, he thought Joyce sent him a pressie too with the box.  LOL He wouldn't let me throw that thing away for days. 

Buddha, my sweet lover baby boy

* nothing to disclose *

So there you have it, there is so much love and kindness out in the indie community.  Joyce is such a doll for having THE most perfect custom polish created for me and Jamie, AMAZING, for how she perfectly captured my Buddha in a polish.  I will, for always, cherish this.

You can check out Sea Lore Polish's shop, just click HERE.
She is also one to follow on Instagram, just click HERE.
Also you can keep an eye on what she's doing over on Facebook, click HERE to like her page.

Thanks friends for hanging out with me so I could share with you this special and beautiful polish!  Have the greatest of days and spread love, because after all... it's FREE!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lacquer Lust

* nothing to disclose *

Friends I have for you yet another brand that is new to review.  This one is a classic color and so drop dead gorgeous I had to share.  The brand is Lacquer Lust and the polish for today is Winter Berry

I can't even lollygag around, here she is...

Lacquer Lust Winter Berry

She's a gorgeous deep rusted berry creme.  Deep dark but a slightly light edge to her.  This is two coats with a top coat.  Just pure perfection.  Applied effortlessly, no streaks. Just dreamy.

Lacquer Lust Winter Berry

Now I'm a person that doesn't care what time of year it is, I wear whatever color I want when I want it.  It all depends on my mood.  This gorgeous vampy will DEFINITELY be coming out and about this summer. I know the name is WINTER Berry, but let's be clear, this berry is for year round lovin'.

Lacquer Lust Winter Berry macro

I hope you love her.  I do, I didn't want to take her right off so I kept her on for a few days and there is something so daringly sexxxy about a vampy red. So classic, so stunning.

*nothing to disclose*

Talk about excellent timing, her shop just reopened today!! So go peruse her shop, just click HERE.

You know the deal friends, have the greatest of days and smile because the world needs more smiles!!!  :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stached Polish

*press sample, provided for my honest review*

Good day friends!!!  Today I am SO excited, seriously OVER the MOON with the brand I'm sharing with you.  This really feels like a year of newness, because this is yet another brand that is NEW to me.  I can't even believe I haven't already been swooning over this brand already!

Something you don't know about me friends is that I love moustaches.  (and yes, that is exactly how I spell it)  I love saying, "I would love to stay, but I really moustache"  LOL  And one of my absolute FAVORITES is, "I moustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later... as eyebrows the internet"  LOLOL  Ok, that just makes me full on belly laugh. And I think my Gramps looking down would TOTALLY love that humor. 

Moustache collage

So, today's brand is Stached Polish.  As in MOUSTACHE!!!  The maker is an absolute sweetheart and doll... Holly.  She has been creating polishes for about a year and a half and Stached Polish will celebrate its one year anniversary on March 20th!! I can't believe I haven't found her before now!!

So without further ado, I have the following to share with you...

First I have for you Moria.

Stached Polish Moria

She's a beautiful teal, a blue leaning green polish with a super microfine sparkly shimmer.  This one is a one coater, so she's a wee bit thicker than the standard polishes and she stamps BEAUTIFULLY!!!   This is one coat with a top coat.  Applied beautifully.

Stached Polish Moria

Do you see that SHIMMAH SHIMMAH!!?!?!  It's so sparkly barkly I kept shining my phone flashlight on it.  LOL  She's a real deep color, and really glows. 

Next I have for you 12 Grimmauld Place.  This one is a beautiful blackened holo.  Just a WEE bit amount of holo to say "Helloooo Holo", but it is a TRUE black! It's not so overboard on the holo that it has changed color, this beauty is DEEP MIDNITE BLACK!!!

Stached Polish 12 Grimmauld Place

This one is the standard smoother consistency, two coats and very smooth like buttah.  I used a top coat and BAM look at her.  I'm so in love. I LOVE deep dark colors, blacks and greys... and this one totally steals my heart!!!

Stached Polish 12 Grimmauld Place

Ok, next I have for you is Seventy Silver Sickles.  I love the name and saying is a bit of a tongue twister.  lol  I might have been seeing how quickly I can say it and accurately because yes, I am 41 going on 8.  lol

Stached Polish Seventy Silver Sickles

This one is SUPER SPARKLY BARKLY!!!!  GAHHHHHH  Seriously, I am SO IN LOVE!!!  This one is a clear base with a densely populated microfine metallic silver glitter.  It is SO microfine that a) it flows like butter and b) removing it is NOT terrible!!  No jackhammer required!!!  I used two coats and a top coat and SHIMMAH SHIMMAH...  I love it!! LOVE!!! 

Stached Polish Seventy Silver Sickles

I seriously didn't want to take this one off.  At all!!!  But... for the sake of reviewing, alas, I did.

Stached Polish Seventy Silver Sickles macro

Next up is a beautiful Prototype.  Holly surprised me and sent me a Prototype that is VERY similar to Love Language from her Valentine's trio.  She is a BEAUTIFUL creamy crème!!!  Perfect consistency, two coats and a top coat.  BAM

Stached Polish Prototype

She's a lovely bright carnation pink with a wee dash of coral.  I am absolutely SMITTEN with this one!! I'm thinking that ANY Of the above 3 would be a perfect accent nail to go with her.  Gorgeous!  She is a one of a kind, BUT she is VERY close to the Love Language and that one IS available currently at her shop.  So no worries.  No fear.

Stached Polish Prototype

So I briefly mentioned up above that Moria is AMAZING for stamping... I need to show you.  May I share with you the evidence, AND for the record I am NOT a professional stamper by ANY means... but LOOK...

Stached Polish Moria stamped over Seventy Silver Sickles

Seriously it stamped EASY breezy!!  The details that it stamped out were FANTASTIC!! I was SO impressed, look... I might have gotten carried away with my macros...

Stached Polish Moria stamped over Seventy Silver Sickles macro

But come on, isn't that just GORGEOUS?  And yes, it is over Seventy Silver Sickles.  Now say THAT 10 times fast.. Moria stamped over Seventy Silver Sickles  LOL

Stached Polish Moria stamped over Seventy Silver Sickles macro

Ok, ONE more.. but seriously, do you see how clean it stamps?  I'm so in loved, and I was SO impressed with my own stamping!!  Yes, I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat from EAR TO EAR!!!

Stached Polish Moria stamped over Seventy Silver Sickles macro

So that's "it" for my first review for Stached Polish! I can't be any more excited!!  Do you SEE the BOTTLES?!?! There is just a BIG FAT 'STACHE on them!!!  Ugh, that alone made me fall in love before even trying the polishes!!!  Then after having chats/conversation with Holly, I just knew her products had to be awesome.  And BAM... they are WONDERFUL!!

Stached Polish bottle shot (Moria)

*press sample, provided for my honest review*

IF you have NOT yet tried out Stache Polish I strongly urge you to try them now, just click HERE to peruse her shop.

If you are interested as well to interact with her and her fans, then check out her group by clicking HERE.   Or just keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates by clicking HERE.

Holly and her Stached Polish is also on Instagram, you can follow her HERE

Don't forget, if you aren't already following me, you can by clicking HERE.   ok, that's enough clicking for today 

As always friends, thanks for hanging out with me for today's review and remember to SMILE!!!!  Life is too short for anything else!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Femme Fatale

*nothing to disclose*

Good day my friends!  I think I'm on a roll her with bringing to you brands that are new to me. Today I have a brand that isn't necessarily new to me but I've never reviewed her before.  The maker is a sweetheart, and out of Australia (Sophie and her sweet husband) and the brand is Femme Fatale.

She not only has the Femme Fatale nail polish line, but they also have a cosmetics line as well with mineral shadows that are STUNNING and quite unique.  AND they are also a stockist that carries quite a variety of other brands in addition to their own.

I'm going to share with you a color that unfortunately is not available any longer, this was a group custom that was created for us in October 2015.  The name is Unwoven Light.  Seriously it's so ethereal and breathtaking that I had to have it.  AND, when I place it on an undies (a base color) it totally transforms into a completely different polish.

So here she is...

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light

Do you see the clouds part and hear the angels sing for her???  I mean BREATHTAKING!!!  Not only is she sparkly BARKLY but shimmah shimmah... ugh, I am so in love!!! 

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light

She is a stunning soft sheer pink base that is LOADED with iridescent flakies and assorted glitters and the softest green shimmer.  I used 3 coats because I wanted her to just sparkle and SHINE on her own.  Really, just gorgeous.  I can't even say enough about her other than I simply love LOVE her!!!  She has the tiniest bit of texture, but a nice thick top coat smoothed her right down to a glass like finish.

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light macro

I am so head over heals for her.  Just really, one  of a kind unique.

But for fun, I thought what the heck let's put on some undies (a simple coat of Fancy Gloss Pitch Black) and then do one coat of Unwoven Light.  And WOWZA.. BAZINGA!!!

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light over black undies

Do you see what I was saying about a COMPLETELY different polish?!?!  That very same green shimmer takes center stage and the flakies/glitters are THE perfect backup band.  I am so in love!!

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light over black undies

And this is really one coat of undies and one simple coat of the Unwoven Light with a top coat.  Like they were made for one another.

Femme Fatale Unwoven Light over black undies macro

So I have a handful, or more (LOL) of Femme Fatale polishes and I have NEVER been disappointed.  They are all VERY unique, breathtaking and just stunning.  Unique colors, add-ins, flakies, glitters, shifty shimmers, thermals, shifty polish bases... serious the list goes on and on.   And Sophie, is just amazingly creative.  So take the plunge, I'm absolutely sure you will LOVE whatever it is you purchase.

*nothing to disclose*

Femme Fatale has been a favorite of mine for a while.  You can order directly from their website, but they do have a minimum on how many bottles you have to purchase. I *think* it's 7, but dont' quote me.  To check out the shop directly, click HERE.

However, they do have a facebook group, and there is ALWAYS a group buy going on. (A group buy is where a bunch of us all order polish and it gets shipped to one kind soul that will then repackage everyone's order and charge you the shipping from her to you. So you don't have to have the minimum bottles to buy.)  The link to their facebook group is HERE.

Also, a few assorted stockists carry the Femme Fatale polishes. They are:
Live Love Polish, click HERE.
Beatometry, click HERE.
Color4Nails, click HERE.

There you have it friends, a polish that can become 2 different colors from 1 (or MORE if you change the color of the undies you use). 

Have the greatest of days friends and may your soul smile with glee!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baroness X

*nothing to disclose*

Hello again friends!!!  I'm excited about today's review.  This brand is COMPLETELY new to me and I just don't know why.  The brand, is Baroness X and the polish is Silence, Boy! Which trust me, it makes ME silent... ok, for a minute. LOL

Here she is... may we have Silence, Boy!

Baroness X  Silence, Boy!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!!?!  She's a soft creamy silvered white with major HOLO goodness and then crammed full of metallic flakies.  She's soft while still being fun and interesting and maybe, just maybe a WEE BIT SASSY!!!!  This, is what makes me giddy. It's unique.

Baroness X  Silence, Boy!

Do you see the holo, it's not so HOLO it's taking away the spotlight from the flakies, it's soft but it is JUST RIGHT!!!

Baroness X  Silence, Boy!

I used two coats, and really the application was flawless. It flowed.  Two coats with a top coat. Perfect formula.  The brush, is outstanding. The brush is a BIG daddy wide brush. I have a little wider nail beds, so the brush was PERFECT and had a slight rounded end so application was a breeze. My pinkies were seriously one sweep DONE.  This is the first time I've encountered a brush like this and I LOVE it!!  It was a nice surprise.  The picture below is split, you can see close up the Baroness X wide big daddy brush... then the bottom picture is it compared to a standard wide brush you are all most accustomed to.  If you have smaller thinner nail beds, you could easily still use this but turn it and use it on the slender side.  I'm sure you'll still have flawless application!  LOVE it!!

Baroness X  Silence, Boy! (big daddy super wide brush)

Now do you see why I can't believe I haven't tried this brand before.  SHIMMERY and SPARKLY BARKLY... and such a soft and fun color. VERY unique! I have a few other bottles I ordered up because they also were breathtaking and unique and I am ALL about unique colors and add-ins.

*nothing to disclose*

So friends, go check out the Baroness X, just click HERE.
She has a Facebook page, click HERE.  (I have not yet found a group, but I am on the hunt.)
Lastly, you can follow her on Instagram by clicking, HERE.

Also, you can always follow me on Instagram, by clicking HERE.

Thank you friends for spending some time with me, I wish you the greatest of days!!  Don't FORGET... to SMILE!!  Because it FEELS good and looks AMAZING!!