Monday, May 2, 2016

Alter Ego (w/Discount Code)

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Good afternoon friends and HAPPY Monday!!! I have a repeat brand for you but with an ALL NEW goodness!!!!  Ok, Alter Ego, is the name and Cynthia is the beautiful maker of the goods.  Alter Ego has recently undergo some major behind the scenes updates, and I will tell you... va va VOOM!!!

Cynthia decided to take the plunge and utilize a premade base, from a verified & reputable supplier. What a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!! I was in love with Alter Ego when Cynthia was making her own base... but WHOA!!!  There is NO separation AT ALL and the color saturation is gorgeous!!

Let's get right to it, first is Desert Storm Trigger Puller... she is a GORGEOUS golden tan holo with copper micro glitters, small round glitters, AND copper flakies.  YES  FLAKIES!!!  *ahhhhhhhh*  yes the clouds have parted...
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller
Do you see that gorgeous blend?  The beautiful base, those yummy add-ins?!?!  The perfect, yes PERFECT harmony!!! 
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller macro
DELICIOUS!!!  I used two thicker coats and a top coat. Smooth, beautiful and buttery. The formula is YUMMY AND... no separation! NONE!!! 
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller
Let's hop right into Swash Buckler and this one... ohhh this baby nearly was the end of my blogging.  LOL  She is the most stunning of colors, and really she CRIES for summer!! But photographing her BRILLIANCE was driving me bonkers...

I  took a bunch of photos in my light tent and WOMP... FAIL.  The color was NOTHING like I was seeing in person.  So TRUE to LIFE color is my utmost importance, right next to telling you the truth of how a polish is.  So lucky for me... we had some sunshine playing outside...  so...
Alter Ego Swash Buckler
Here she IS... a gilded bronze with a coppery orange glow.  A very metallic HOT color...  ugh I LOVE HER!!!!  She was singing happiness in the sunshine just sparkling away!!!  Look at HER!!! 
Alter Ego Swash Buckler macro
I mean that is pure perfection!!!  Again, two thicker coats with a top coat and she was SINGING!!!

And last but not least is another summer love...  Frost Fairy... so shimmery soft and feminine.
Alter Ego Beach Comber
This beauty is just the most scrumptious sky blue pearl shimmer.  This is where simplicity is at its best.  I love it and I *think* I'm going to be doing a mixed mani with Desert Storm & Fairy Frost soon.  They are just screaming to play together!!
Alter Ego Beach Comber
Ok, I have one more new little gem for you.  The Alter Ego Double Agent Body & Face cream.  I requested the fragrance of Patchouli... because I LOVE patchouli.  It's a real deep dark warm and earthy fragrance that reminds me of being a child.  So this cream is AMAZING!!! It sinks right into your skin, from the yummy butters in it (babassu oil, kokum butter, unrefined undeodorized shea butter, vitamin E, polysorbate 80, optphen, essential oils, stearic acid, and hydrolyzed silk powder) ... but the awesome part is you can use it as a FACE CREAM.  YES!!! FACE CREAM!!

I have used it for the last week solid, every nite before bed and I have SENSITIVE skin... it is LOVELY!!!!  I was hesitant to try a new product on my face but HELLS YES!!!  YUM, I think my skin looks amazing after the last week.  It will be available any day for you to purchase so you can love you TOO!!!!
Alter Ego Double Agent Face & Body Cream
** A side note that Cynthia wanted me to make sure I point out is that Shea butter is a VERY temperamental butter, due to temperature fluctuations from hot to cold or cold to hot, you will notice sometimes, a grainy or a gritty texture.  Mine is PERFECT, very creamy.  BUT the grainy or gritty texture can happen especially with summer and heat getting turned WAY up.  So there is nothing WRONG with the grainy or gritty nature, it will melt right into your skin on contact.  It's just part of the nitpicky nature of the Shea butter.

So I have ONE more surprise for you... Cynthia is giving us all a 20% discount with the code of:  Scandalous N' Sassy  (just copy and paste it for accuracy).

 * press sample, provided for my honest review *

So RUN do NOT WALK... to the Alter Ego Shop... click  HERE.  Feel free to shop until you DROP with that discount code!!!! Save some big dollars on polish, soaps, lotions, pet products, manly man products... the products go on and on and on...

And until next time friends, be safe and SMILE because someone needs it more than you!!!  Thanks for hanging out!!!