Monday, September 28, 2015

Emerald & Ash

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

What do you get, when you combine two amazing human beings that are the human ying and yang, with amazing creativity, mind blowing artistic sense, a mind boggling nerdy love for science and a KILLER sense of humor?  Yes, the husband and wife master minds behind Emerald & Ash.

I have been more than lucky to have met them, both of them, and to fall in love with their fun, silly, quirky, SPARKLY souls!!!  Ashley (hence the Ash) and Nate (yea, his name is NOT Emerald, but he is as rare as an emerald) are THE sweetest souls.  I am lucky to call them friends.

AND, quite lucky that I have the CosmoProf Vegas exclusive duo to share with you today. 

Without further ado, first up is That's What She Said.  As with a LOT of their polish names, these are just as fun and whimsical as the rest.  LOL  As you will see with the hand blown glass square bottles and the perfectly placed logos, you will find that there is no detail left undone.  Between the two of them, they have everything covered.
Emerald & Ash That's What She Said CosmoProf Vegas exclusive
That's What She Said is a gorgeous blue with purple/pink shimmers and some very fine flakies floating about.  Two coats, smooth and self leveling.  No issues at all.  It's perfection. 
Emerald & Ash That's What She Said CosmoProf Vegas exclusive macro
The SHIMMAH, do you SEE the SHIMMAH!!!!  And those flakies, flakies alone make me SWOON!!!!

Now let's hop into Your Face!  LOL   Your Face is an amazing purple and green shifty top coat with a matte finish.  The matte finish is flawless, as is the polish itself.  One coat, is so smooth it coats like warm butter.
Emerald & Ash That's What She Said topped with Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive duo macro
I had to play a little with Your Face.  HA!!!  (you see what I did there)  So first, I had to put Your Face over That's What She Said.  LOL  See, these names just kill me!  And then I had to ohhh and ahhhhh like the Fourth of July fireworks!  Clearly they were meant for one another.  Yes, the polishes... ok, and Ash & Nate.
Emerald & Ash That's What She Said topped with Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive duo
Then, as if that isn't enough... I put Your Face over a beautiful single coat of black polish.  What the WHAT!!!!  Do you SEE the SHIMMAH come to LIFE!!!
Emerald & Ash Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive over black polish macro
Emerald & Ash Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive over black polish
Ok, brace yourself... because as if that was NOT ENOUGH... yes, I glossy coated it and BAM!!!  Ugh... I get goosebumps just writing about it and oogling over the pictures.  LOL   Ok, clearly that duo is a WIN WIN!!!
Emerald & Ash Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive over black polish with glossy top coat
and lastly...
Emerald & Ash Your Face CosmoProf Vegas exclusive over black polish with glossy top coat macro
* press sample, provided for my honest review *

So, even though you can not purchase this duo... you CAN slowly peruse the many screens of polishes and collections that they do have available.  They are closed now, but will be reopening soon.  Stay tuned for the reopening announcement.  Check out their shop, here.  It is still "open" for browsing and making lists. 

Please go check out their site then tell me what your favorite is.  My next two lemmings which WILL be squashed once they reopen are Regenbogen-Baum (yes that is Rainbow Tree in German - go to pinterest and search rainbow tree... you'll find THEIR tree) and Trick.  MUST HAVE BOTH!!!!  LOL

Ok friends, ba de, ba de, ba de... that's all folks.  Oh and you know the deal... have THE GREATEST day possible.  If it is NOT the greatest, MAKE IT GREATER!!   And smile. 

For Your Nose

* nothing to disclose *

I have a new type of review for you today friends.  This one IS For Your Nose... that's her company name AND she makes smell goods that smell GOOD FOR YOUR NOSE!!!  lol  I am SO excited to share her with you.  The creator/maker/owner is Lindy and she is an absolute DOLL!!!  LOVE her!

She has it all, from body moisturizers (lotions/spray oils), candles and wax melts, soaps/cleansersscent sacks for your car or lingerie drawer. I'm sure I'm missing something too!  lol I LOVE HER!!!  So I don't normally share this but, my all time FAVORITE scent is champanilla.  My bestie, Mandy, was wearing it a couple/few years ago and I smelled it and immediately knew there was nag champa in there and HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  Ok, I might be part hippie and that is the ONLY incense I burn in my home.  (Oh and Mandy is also the amazing photographer for Lindy, you'll love her photos.)

So ok enough blah blah blah...

In a handful of her body products, she has an option for Triple Scented, and it does cost more but it is SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!  My staples are the hydrating body & hair mist (both the triple scented), body butter and the roll-on perfume oil is awesome!  The roll-on is so easy to apply in a rush, or toss in my gym bag for on the go. 
For Your Nose bath and body products

Don't be overwhelmed friends, her scent/fragrance list is HUGE!!!  HUGE!!  She does offer sample sizes, so go there and grab a handful of whatever sounds amazing to try them out.  I do believe you will NOT be disappointed.
For Your Nose triple scented body butter

Body butter... it is SO THICK and LUXURIOUS!!! You can see from my picture that after I swiped a bit... it's not moving. It is NOT greasy, it's smooth and very silky.  I use it year round and it is always perfect.
For Your Nose triple scented body butter thick and rich

Then moving on to her wax... she offers candles, scoopable wax, clamshells (scent cubes), brickle, tart cups and the CUTEST shapes!   I love the selection. I'm sampling a handful of tart cups to see what I think about those, but then the clamshells are for scents I KNOW I'm going to LOVE!!!!
For Your Nose wax cubes

Cold sniff is amazing on all of these.  But warming them... the scent BURSTS into the air in my home... and walking through I'll catch a waft of yum and comforting fragrances.  I have a 24 watt warming plate. (Bought it from Michael's and it was the BEST investment. With their coupon it's less than $6.50 with tax.)  The scent lasts for well over a day, which in a higher wattage warmer is GREAT!
For Your Nose wax tarts

So if you have NEVER tried her, PLEASE... go check her out.  I think you will be VERY impressed.  No fancy glitters in my wax to clean out later.  She is a minimalist on packaging and I LIKE IT! I don't need fancy packaging, instead it is the product inside that is fancy and made me fall in love.

OH - and something VERY important... TAT (turn around time), how long is her TAT??  Yea, glad you asked because it is FAST!!!  Processing time is from 2 - 7 days currently. I ordered all my goodies and I received it in barely over a week. From order to my house.  BAM!  LOVE that!

* nothing to disclose *

Go check out her site, click here... take notes, and spend some time going through the master scent list.  DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED!! Try just a few scents via sample sizes.

What is YOUR favorite scent(s) friends?  Right now I am diving FACE FIRST into ALL things autumnal.  Pumpkin and cinnamon EVERYTHING!!!!

Don't forget friends... life is SHORT... SMILE because it looks beautiful on you and LOVE because it is just what we DO!!!   Happy Day!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bohemian Polish (with a coupon code)

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Good day friends!  It's that time again, time for me to share more beautiful sparkly BARKLY goodness!!!  Today is another amazing brand and maker.  Jennifer of Bohemian Polish sent me part of her newest collection, Moste Potente Potions.  Wowza is this a box of greatness!!!  This collection launched on September 1st, but I just got it so I'm sharing.  Better late than never AND... stay tuned, I have DISCOUNT CODE!!!  So Jennifer has rebranded herself and her line.  It used to be called Finger Lickin' Lacquer... so I LOVE the new name/brand... Bohemian Polish.  So much better, girly, pretty, fanciful, carefree... LOVE IT!!

I was lucky and got to meet and adore Jennifer at CosmoProf, in Vegas back in July.  Instantly, I loved her. She has the most beautiful soul!!

Ok, let's just jump right in because WOWZA!!! You'll need to pay attention and TAKE NOTES. If you don't, I might turn you into a frog AND you'll miss out on unicorn blood.  YES, unicorn blood!!!

First, is Don't Mind the Steam.  She is STUNNING!!  Here is her description,
"Don't Mind the Steam is a magenta holographic polish with golden shimmer.  Like Pepperup Potion, this bold polish will have you feeling fabulous in no time.  Opaque in three thin coats." 
Bohemian Polish Don't Mind the Steam holo

I actually only used 2 standard coats and BAZINGA it was STUNNING!!!  HOLO and that golden shimmer, WOWZA!!  VERY feminine, so magical!!!
 Bohemian Polish Don't Mind the Steam holo
One more because the macro makes my heart SWOON!!!! 
Bohemian Polish Don't Mind the Steam holo macro
Do you SEE that GOLDEN SOFT SHIMMER!??!?! And that HOLO!?!?  Ugh... I die!!!

Then, we have See No Dreams... and here is her description,
"See No Dreams is a soft purple holographic polish with purple-to-blue color shifting glitter.  Like Felix Felicis you can do no wrong with this polish.  Opaque in three coats."
Bohemian Polish See No Dreams holo
I did use 3 thin coats for perfect.  The formula is very smooth, goes on well.  Wide brush so real quick application.  LOVE it!!!  The shifty purple/blue glitters is JUST what a sassy girl LOVES!!!
Bohemian Polish See No Dreams holo
That HOLO KILLS ME!!!  Shimmah SHIMMAH!!!!  And I have to show you the macro... the MACRO
Bohemian Polish See No Dreams holo macro
Do you SEE THAT rainbow of SPARKLY BARKLY GOODNESS?!?!??!   ugh...  yes so good

And now, I sort of saved my favorite for last friends.  Meet, Half-Life.   Her description,
"Half-Life is a silver linear holographic polish with a metallic finish.  Unlike the others in this list, Half-Life is not a potion at all but a cursed ingredient, unicorn blood.  Drinking this givers the user a cursed existence, so settle for putting this on your nails and being a magical unicorn instead.  Opaque in two coats."
Bohemian Polish Half-Life holo metallic
Now, do NOT attempt to drink ANY of these beautiful magic lacquers.  I know you all have more brains than that. LOL  BUT... seriously, this one is MAGICAL!!!!!!!   The holo is sexxxy and you'll see that in my sunshine pictures. 
Bohemian Polish Half-Life holo metallic
Where is the macro?!?!  Ohhh excellent question... RIGHT HERE BAM
Bohemian Polish Half-Life holo metallic macro
BUT inside without the sun, this baby is GORGEOUS!!! It's almost a second polish with the beautiful metallic sheen and shimmer.  I love it!  It's like you dipped your fingers into liquid silver.  It's a totally different polish!!!
Bohemian Polish Half-Life holo metallic

I also got to try out her Flash Dry Quick-Dry Topcoat and I LOVE IT!!!!  Leaves that beautiful sexy high gloss shine and it dried WONDERFULLY fast, because I ain't got time to sit around like a statue so I don't smudge up my fingernails (or tootsies).  So you really should try that out and only $6 a bottle!! Hello, you do the math.

AND super bonus... I tried out her cuticle oil in ButterBeer... YUM!!!! Butterscotchy/caramely goodness!!! I had to remember it's cuticle oil and not lick my fingers.  LOL

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

So, if you have NOT yet tried Bohemian Polish, you MUST go go GO!!!!  And, here is the BONUS... if you want to save 20% OFF your total, use the code WANDCORE.  BAM!! Saving money is SCANDALOUS!!!!  (Makes our beautiful fast dry top coat only $4.80 WINNING)  Go now, go brows her shop and find new beauties to take home, click here.
Have the greatest day friends and if it isn't THAT great... you know what you have to do.. MAKE IT GREATER!!!  We only get this one go around, so each day is indeed a gift!! Smile!!!!

Fair Maiden

* press sample, provided for my honest review *  

YOU are a Fair Maiden, beautiful from within your soul!!!  So what could possibly be better than BEING a Fair Maiden, you ask? Well, you can wear the brand Fair Maiden on your nails!  This is a newer line I MUST introduce to you all... so soft and feminine, girly and lovely.  It screams I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Not like Verruca Salt from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory... no no no, this is a scream like Kate Winslet from Titanic, at the bow of the ship.  Elegant, gorgeous and in love, magical.

Something a little more special about this brand, is the makers. Yes, makerS.  Best friends, Sarah and Adrienne.  I was VERY lucky to have met them BOTH at CosmoProf, in Vegas, back in July and I LOVE THEM!!!  They are both genuinely sweet and adorable. VERY generous too.  Sarah might have even given me a polish, or two from her very own personal stash. 

Ok, enough blabbering here they are.  So, first I HAVE to show you Just a Mirage. This was/is the exclusive color made for CosmoProf BUT, hold onto your wallets... you CAN purchase it!!  It currently is unfortunately sold out.  No worries, have patience friends, it can be yours too!  It will be back in stock.
Fair Maiden Just a Mirage holo exclusive
SO GORGEOUS!!! Look at that sparkly BARKLY GOODNESS!!!  A very deep sultry mulberry wine with HOLO goodness!!!!  Two coats is all you need and BAM!!!  I get lost in it's beauty!!!  Gorgeous and perfect formula, two coats and bada bing. GORGEY!!!
Fair Maiden Just a Mirage holo exclusive
Next is a FUN color that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!  It's called Tickle Me Pink... and I AM tickled!!! AND PINK!!!!  Again, two normal coats and BOOM!!  Perfect coverage.  Formula is smooth and glides right on. Almost applies itself!!  I've heard a lot of neons get complaints about streaks. NO STREAKS here friends!!  Not even on the first coat.  Neon pink in ALL her glory!
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink neon
I have also heard that the neons pop BEST over a white undie. I did NOT USE an undie... this is commando.  And she is GORGEOUS!!!  She says, Hey lookie lookie.  I love this!  I'll be pulling it out mid-winter here in Colorado to remember the heat of the summer days.
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink neon
And my last, but not least gorgeous Fair Maiden is a topper.  Always Look for the Rainbow.  I LOVE THIS NAME!!!  It's a clear base with micro fine and small circle golden glitters AND a soft pink shimmery glow in the base.  Gorgeous! VERY girly and flirty.  I layered her over Tickle Me Pink and I think it's gorgeous.
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink with Always Look for the Rainbow topper neon glitter holo
They play very well together.  I think this topper would be an excellent compliment to MOST colors. Even ones that are cooler, I think the pink shimmer cools down even these hot golden glitters.  Of course, I don't follow rules, I break 'em and make 'em. 
Fair Maiden Tickle Me Pink with Always Look for the Rainbow topper neon glitter holo macro
* press sample, provided for my honest review *

If you have NOT already tried out the Fair Maiden beauties, you MUST try them.  They are THE sweetest makers and their polish is just beautiful.  It's a WIN WIN!!  Hurry now and go peruse their beauties, click here. 

Thanks friends for spending time with me and reading what I have to share.  Have the most beautiful of days, make it greater, make it special, make it wonderful and SMILE!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Going Blue for a Good Cause, Alopecia Awareness

* nothing to disclose *

So today, September 12th, is an important day.  You probably had NO idea!!  I did NOT until recently, I was made aware.  Today is Alopecia Awareness day!! Heck, the month of September is Alopecia Awareness MONTH!! Didn't know that EITHER, did you?!  So, how better to show my or YOUR support?  Go blue.  Blue manis.  That is PERFECT because next to browns... BLUES are my FAVORITE COLOR!!!  And, this quite honestly is the most simple way to show support.  Paint one nail. Paint a few, heck pain THEM ALL!!! 

Silly fact:  For a few years, blue was the ONLY color in my tops wardrobe. I wore BLUE EVERY DAY.  One day at the office, someone I didn't even know approached me and said to me, "Every time I see you, you're wearing blue. Is that all you own?"  Which of COURSE, with a SMILE I responded, "Yes, it's my favorite". I don't know WHO she was or if she is even still at the company but I have since pushed myself out of the blue box for clothes.

SO.  Enough rambling on about ME.  This is all about supporting Alopecia Awareness... so I AM BLUE!!!

What better blues to do it with?  Wellllllll let me show you what I decided on...  which, may I add, it was NOT easy coming up with a blue.  ONE blue. Therefore, I jammed THREE blues into this baby. 

Elevation's SBP (small batch prototype) Southern Ocean and on my accent nail I used Elevation's Ubsunur with a quick coat of Lynnderella's When the Moon was a Star
Elevation SBP Souther Ocean and Ubsunur and Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
Can I just tell you WOWZA!!!  First of all, Southern Ocean just GLOWS, talk about SPARKLY BARKLY GOODNESS!!!!  Then the Ubsunur is a deep blackened blue with this warmth about it.  But to then slap on a coat of When the Moon was a STAR... PERFECTION!!!!  I even was lucky enough to get a star glitter on my nail.
Elevation SBP Souther Ocean and Ubsunur and Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
Do you see that GLOW?!!?  Ugh... stunning, she is SO PRETTY!!!  I got lucky bringing that Southern Ocean home to my hoard. I mean, collection.  
Elevation SBP Southern Ocean
And you KNOW I have to share yet another macro... MY FAVORITE...
Elevation Ubsunur with Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star
How FUN is that Lynnderella???  I honestly bought that one for the name and the stars. I mean, how romantic is that?!?!  When the Moon was a Star!!!!!  LOVE IT!!  I also LOVE that I can see Ubsunur through it, that sexy blackened sky. I thought it was a perfect compliment.

Ok, in true ME form... I couldn't just decide on ONE blue mani... so I might have done a second one.
Not *might*, but I DID!! So, without further ado, here she is...
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
It's a little softer, a little more feminine with a WHOLE LOTTA SPARKLY BARKLY!!!  It's another couple favorites of mine, Paint Box Polish and Model City. Model City is layered for EXTRA sparkle on my accent nail. *sigh*
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
 Doesn't it make you want to lay on a beach somewhere with a fruity icey beverage in your paw??  ugh LOVE!!!
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
So apparently I have a very obvious VNL (visible nail line) as you can see in the pic above.  Apparently some of you hate it, some of you are indifferent.  Well, this was two coats of Paint Box Polish and I like the coverage so if you have a more prominent VNL, by all means, slap on a third coat. To me, it wasn't really necessary.  
But do what you do!!!  I'm not judging.
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay and Model City SB07 August 2015
Paint Box Polish is from her latest collection, Blue Above the Bay and Model City is a small batch that she whips up each month (sorry you can't get that one) named SB07 August 2015.   LOOK AT THOSE GLITTERS!!!! 
Paint Box Polish Blue Above the Bay
In my macro there is NO VNL... so I think it's the lighting, whatever. To each their own.  If you don't want to see a VNL, like I said. Third coat. BAM!  Me, I love getting lost in those FLAKIES!!!!!  I am IN LOVE with BLUE!!!

So, Alopecia is very real and very serious.  It has affected over 4.5 MILLION people in the United States of America alone!! That's not even talking the REST of the CONTINENT!!! Not to mention, it affects men AND women, and ALL ethnicities, and ALL ages. It happens to teenagers and younger.
* nothing to disclose *

If you would like to read more about it, check out the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, just click here.

Feel free to go check out these makers, they have LOTS of gorgeousness that you really do need.

Elevation Polish, click here
Lynnderella, click here
Paint Box Polish, click here
Model City Polish, click here

Ok friends, I hope that you may consider slapping on some blue polish to show some support for this great cause.  It's something very small to do but shows great support for those affected.

Have a great day friends, I hope it's the greatest day yet... and if it isn't, make happier decisions and MAKE IT GREATER!!! And at the VERY LEAST... smile. Because it looks good on ya!!

* nothing to disclose *