Thursday, October 27, 2016

Firecracker Lacquer

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

So I had made up my mind earlier in the year to walk away from blogging, but when I thought about it long and hard... I can't. I love indie nail polish. I love the community. I love the makers!!! I love the bloggers that I look up to.  So, here I am.  I am OVER THE MOON with my first post from the beautiful Firecracker Lacquer.  At Cocktails and Colors 2016, I met the beautiful Kendahl again, and was reminded of what beautiful creations she makes.  Today's friends is SO PRETTY!!!!  It's very feminine with that soft sassy edge that makes me GIDDY!!!
First I have to introduce you to Kendahl herself, at Cocktails and Colors 2016.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
And her adorable set up at the event.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
So... what I have today is I Plead the Fifth.  LOLOL   Best name EVER!!! Because, well everything that happens STAYS in Vegas... and well, hells yes, I do.. I Plead the Fifth!!!

This beauty sadly, is a Vegas exclusive.  Now I could be wrong, but I do believe that this one is an exclusive that was only given to us at the Cocktails and Colors 2016 event.  BUT... don't be sad that you can't get this one.. instead go check out her other beauties and don't miss out on any more!!!

So, here she is friends...
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
The softest lilac silver.  She's LOADED with holo and purple metallic flakies and purple microfine glitters... but then I *think* I see some assorted microfine flakies as well.  Seriously, I don't think anything else could join this party AND even with everything going on, it's gorgeous!!  Nothing is stealing the show.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
This is two coats and a top coat. And the formula, all of Kendahl's polish the formula is always smooth and buttery. Glides on like a dream!! No issues to report it's just perfect in every way!!!
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer macro
My camera was so excited by its beauty that it leans a little more silvery in my photos than it does in real life. I took a bazillion photos and I could not get the soft gentle lilac to come center stage.  So, please, I try to take color accurate photos.. this beauty is even prettier in real life.  And I apologize that I could not get that soft lilac to show up.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer collage
Never the less, while I Plead the Fifth is a Vegas exclusive and she is gone, please friends, go check out Kendah's shop, her Firecracker Lacquer really does satisfy and just like a fireworks show... you do a LOT of ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhh.  Just click HERE.
You'll find a LOT of gorgeous variety at her shop, from holos and glitters to crèmes.  There really is something for everyone!!!
* press samples, provided for my honest review *
Thank you so much for spending some time with me, and checking out this gorgeous polish.  I will be back again, I'm not leaving. I mean, how can I leave blogging when this brings me so much happiness to share with YOU beautiful polishes made from beautiful people!!!
Have the greatest day and don't forget... keep your sunshine going!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lou It Yourself

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

Friends, I hope you are having the greatest of days... BUT, if by chance you're having a good day with challenges and obstacles, no fear... I have something to bring a little sunshine to you.

Today's review is from a brand totally new to me.  I'm ashamed to say I had only ever tried her lotion, but not her polish.  At Cocktails and Colors 2106 in Vegas, I not only got to meet the lovely Lou, but I got to enjoy her beautiful soul and amazing smile!!!  AND... I got this gorgeous little beauty that I get to share with YOU all.

Here is a picture of the beautiful Lou, herself.
Lou, the maker behind Lou It Yourself
And as much as I adore her,  LOVE her unicorn sparkly pendant!!!!
Lou with her sparkly unicorn pendant
Here's her set up from Cocktails and Colors, showcasing a little each of her goods.  
Lou It Yourself's set up Cocktails & Colors
Lou It Yourself's set close up of her polishes
Now, here is the sad part, and I am so sorry that I dragged my feet on getting this polish up, because it is gone.  She is an exclusive for Vegas, but Lou had a very limited amount left and subsequently they have sold out.

This beauty I am sharing with you is called Booze and Bad Decisions and, yes... when you are in Vegas sometimes, ok maybe more than sometimes, that combination happens a LOT.  BUT, the beauty of this isn't just the best name but also the polish.... LOOK AT HER...
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions
WHOMP!  My chin drops, I get light headed and that's just checking her out in the bottle... BUT, look at all that gorgeousness.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions macro
She is a stunning cobalt blue that demands some attention, with a tiniest pinch of purpleish (which my camera would not pick up) but she's loaded with this floating holo, micro flakies and a beautiful pink purple ish shimmer.  Seriously, it is one of a kind.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions close up
I used two coats and a top coat.  The formula was BEAUTIFUL!!! Self leveling, I put it on a little heavy on one finger but it smoothed itself out.  Perfect smooth formula, no issues with application or thickness.  PERFECTION!  I can't believe this is my FIRST Lou It  Yourself polish... and I LOVE IT!!
BUT, so here's the other part... Lou may have hooked me up with some of her bath bombs and her new and improved lotion.  So last week I finally decided I needed to soak.  Soak some stress off, so I grabbed for my Surf's Up bath bomb and tossed it into my warm bath while it was filling.  It dissolved wonderfully, my bath water was barely a soft blue and it smelled SO GOOD!!! So I got in and ohhh my bizcuits. My skin was SO DRY!!  I live in Colorado Springs and it is dry here, so I got in and just ahhhhhhhh'd as my skin soaked up the sweet almond oil.   It was JUST right on the amount of oil.  I didn't feel like I was a greasy oil slick.  I lingered just until my water turned cool and got out.  I dabbed myself with my towel because I wanted all that moisture goodness to soak into my skin and it did. Relatively quickly.  I LOVE bath bombs!!  Now, if you are NOT  a bath bomb kind of girl, GET THEM and break them up and make instant mani soaks.  But this coming winter, I will be soaking in these regularly.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions collage
OH and... after I got out and let that all soak into my skin, I used a wee bit of her Zero Thirst Body Lotion.  Oh my!!!! First, she recently redid her formula and I didn't know it needed a change, but WOWZA.  The scent is Cantaloupe and ohhhhhhhh it smells SO GOOD!!!  Like summertime in a jar!!  Nice and thick, soaks in fast and didn't leave me greasy (and this is AFTER I soaked with her bath bomb)!!!!

So if you have never tried Lou It Yourself... well, I guess you have no reason not to now because I have just told you this is one to try!!!

Not to mention her products are amazing, but ummm... she was wearing the CUTEST unicorn pendant and her hair is the prettiest color purple!  With the best sunshine smile to match!!!!

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

Ok friends... go check out Lou It Yourself, just click HERE.

For a quick link to check out her other gorgeous polishes, just click HERE.
For a quick link to the Zero Thirst Body Lotion, just click HERE.
And lastly for a quickie to the bath bombs, just click HERE.

But you really should peruse her shop, she has lots of assorted goodies there and I would hate for you to miss anything wonderful!!!!

Thank you so much friends for being here, and reading my review. I hope you found it helpful!!!  Question for you... what fragrance would you love to see in a bath bomb or lotion?!?!!  Even though we have just entered autumn, I am STILL loving the summery scents.  But, my heart will always love the earthy warm scents too.

Smile and share that smile with the world around you!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Powder Perfect

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Happy day friends!!  Thanks for joining me for another review.  Today is a brand I have NEVER shared with you.  Perhaps selfish reasons, because I LOVE HER, and don't want a restock to ever get crazy.  The exciting part about this brand, Powder Perfect, is that I got to meet the maker, Jacinta, at the Cocktails and Colors 2016 in Vegas.  She is a sweetheart, and really she makes gorgeous creations of polishes.  Unique, fun, and stunning!!!  WARNING:  This is going to be VERY photo heavy!!!

Powder Perfect has just recently turned 3 years old, so in a celebratory fashion, Jacinda has created an Anniversary Duo.  Luckily, I have one of the two to review for you.  First off, I need to share that this polish wasn't in my media bag to review... Jacinda allowed me to have this one from her display.  When I saw it I was absolutely smitten!!!  

First, I need to show you her display from Cocktails and Colors 2016. (and a close up of some polishes)
Powder Perfect setup at Cocktails & Colors
 and the close up
Powder Perfect setup at Cocktails & Colors
The polish I'm going to share is called Elysium and I can't even tell you enough about it.  Seriously, this polish makes me SQUEAL with DELIGHT!!!!  It's a silver colored base but then it is LOADED with such sparkly BARKLY GOODNESS1!!!  TONS of holo, that gives that rainbow glow and then the most beautiful flakies that shift from a pink to a green tone. 
Powder Perfect Elysium
(above is in lightbox)

GORGEOUS!!!!  Do you see all that beautiful goodness!??!  Ugh.  I die.
Powder Perfect Elysium
(above is in sunshine)

BUT LOOK... look closely at all of that stunning holo and spakly barkly flakies!!!!  Ugh, I DIE!!!
Powder Perfect Elysium macro
(above is in lightbox)

So... I have a confession.  I have LOTS of untried polish. LOTS, too many that I won't even admit to.  BUT, I very rarely EVER use a polish twice.  However, since I returned home from Vegas on July 28th, I have now to date used this THREE TIMES.  I even purchased a backup bottle when they were released, because I can NEVER run out of this.  And yes... I may even be considering a backup to my backup!! I know... SCANDALOUS!!!!  But it is SO PRETTY!!!
Powder Perfect Elysium
 (fill line in lightbox above)

In the sunshine, or in the light box, and in my kitchen under "normal" lighting... it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  This is my absolute FAVORITE polish of ALL time.  I LOVES IT!!!
Powder Perfect Elysium macro
(above is in sunshine)

So I have a bunch of pictures because I just couldn't help myself.  I used two coats and a top coat. It's a smooth finish so only 1 top coat is needed.  But her formula, if you are NOT familiar... is perfection. ALWAYS perfect, it applies so beautiful and smooth.  I gush about it.  I think I found her earlier this year and have been smitten ever since.
Powder Perfect Elysium
(fill line in sunshine above)

Also, if you didn't know, Jacinda's beautiful Powder Perfect is straight from Australia.  Which was why meeting  her in person was even more of a treat.  Yes, I may have fan girled a little when I met her, I just wanted to pick her up, put her in my purse and take her home!!!!
Powder Perfect Elysium
(above is in lightbox)

So, this polish IS still available but this beauty will NOT last long.  You need to check out the beautiful pink which is the other side of this duo called Utopia.  It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I ordered it myself, but it hasn't arrived just yet.  The duo is currently sold out, BUT she still has both of these beauties sold individually.  Just get them both, you will NOT regret it!!!
Powder Perfect Elysium
(above is in sunshine)

So, partially bad ish news.  But not entirely.  Elysium is still available on the Australian site, but currently sold out on the International/USA site.  So you can still find it and maybe she will restock the International site.
Edited to add:  Jacinta will be restocking this in October, so keep your eyes open!!!  

There are 2 websites.  So if you are IN Australia, you can just click HERE. If you are outside of Australia, no matter where you are, her international shop, just click HERE. There are also a couple of stockists that carry her beautiful polishes.  But check out the website, she offers an excellent selection of water decals, nail treatments and top coats.  There really is something for everyone!!!

Thanks for hanging out with me, and checking out this GORGEOUS polish!!! But what are you doing still here... GO and buy this beauty before it is gone!!!!  And have the GREATEST of days!!!! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Alter Ego (w/Discount Code)

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Good afternoon friends and HAPPY Monday!!! I have a repeat brand for you but with an ALL NEW goodness!!!!  Ok, Alter Ego, is the name and Cynthia is the beautiful maker of the goods.  Alter Ego has recently undergo some major behind the scenes updates, and I will tell you... va va VOOM!!!

Cynthia decided to take the plunge and utilize a premade base, from a verified & reputable supplier. What a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!! I was in love with Alter Ego when Cynthia was making her own base... but WHOA!!!  There is NO separation AT ALL and the color saturation is gorgeous!!

Let's get right to it, first is Desert Storm Trigger Puller... she is a GORGEOUS golden tan holo with copper micro glitters, small round glitters, AND copper flakies.  YES  FLAKIES!!!  *ahhhhhhhh*  yes the clouds have parted...
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller
Do you see that gorgeous blend?  The beautiful base, those yummy add-ins?!?!  The perfect, yes PERFECT harmony!!! 
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller macro
DELICIOUS!!!  I used two thicker coats and a top coat. Smooth, beautiful and buttery. The formula is YUMMY AND... no separation! NONE!!! 
Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller
Let's hop right into Swash Buckler and this one... ohhh this baby nearly was the end of my blogging.  LOL  She is the most stunning of colors, and really she CRIES for summer!! But photographing her BRILLIANCE was driving me bonkers...

I  took a bunch of photos in my light tent and WOMP... FAIL.  The color was NOTHING like I was seeing in person.  So TRUE to LIFE color is my utmost importance, right next to telling you the truth of how a polish is.  So lucky for me... we had some sunshine playing outside...  so...
Alter Ego Swash Buckler
Here she IS... a gilded bronze with a coppery orange glow.  A very metallic HOT color...  ugh I LOVE HER!!!!  She was singing happiness in the sunshine just sparkling away!!!  Look at HER!!! 
Alter Ego Swash Buckler macro
I mean that is pure perfection!!!  Again, two thicker coats with a top coat and she was SINGING!!!

And last but not least is another summer love...  Frost Fairy... so shimmery soft and feminine.
Alter Ego Beach Comber
This beauty is just the most scrumptious sky blue pearl shimmer.  This is where simplicity is at its best.  I love it and I *think* I'm going to be doing a mixed mani with Desert Storm & Fairy Frost soon.  They are just screaming to play together!!
Alter Ego Beach Comber
Ok, I have one more new little gem for you.  The Alter Ego Double Agent Body & Face cream.  I requested the fragrance of Patchouli... because I LOVE patchouli.  It's a real deep dark warm and earthy fragrance that reminds me of being a child.  So this cream is AMAZING!!! It sinks right into your skin, from the yummy butters in it (babassu oil, kokum butter, unrefined undeodorized shea butter, vitamin E, polysorbate 80, optphen, essential oils, stearic acid, and hydrolyzed silk powder) ... but the awesome part is you can use it as a FACE CREAM.  YES!!! FACE CREAM!!

I have used it for the last week solid, every nite before bed and I have SENSITIVE skin... it is LOVELY!!!!  I was hesitant to try a new product on my face but HELLS YES!!!  YUM, I think my skin looks amazing after the last week.  It will be available any day for you to purchase so you can love you TOO!!!!
Alter Ego Double Agent Face & Body Cream
** A side note that Cynthia wanted me to make sure I point out is that Shea butter is a VERY temperamental butter, due to temperature fluctuations from hot to cold or cold to hot, you will notice sometimes, a grainy or a gritty texture.  Mine is PERFECT, very creamy.  BUT the grainy or gritty texture can happen especially with summer and heat getting turned WAY up.  So there is nothing WRONG with the grainy or gritty nature, it will melt right into your skin on contact.  It's just part of the nitpicky nature of the Shea butter.

So I have ONE more surprise for you... Cynthia is giving us all a 20% discount with the code of:  Scandalous N' Sassy  (just copy and paste it for accuracy).

 * press sample, provided for my honest review *

So RUN do NOT WALK... to the Alter Ego Shop... click  HERE.  Feel free to shop until you DROP with that discount code!!!! Save some big dollars on polish, soaps, lotions, pet products, manly man products... the products go on and on and on...

And until next time friends, be safe and SMILE because someone needs it more than you!!!  Thanks for hanging out!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer

* nothing to disclose * 

Hello again friends and happy day!!  Today I'm sharing with you one of my MOST favorite brands EVER... in the HISTORY of EVER!!!!  And, something I just can't seem to get enough of lately, vampy deep sexxxy colors.  BUT the bonus feature here, it is a duo and the names the colors it's just mind blowingly beautiful!!!!

So the brand is Lilypad Lacquer, and the maker is a TOTAL sweetheart, I have adored her for quite some time, Nicole. She never ceases to amaze me with her unique colors and blends, she's always pushing the envelope on creating new and fun and different.  Her unique polishes are what keeps me coming back for more... over and over and over. I tell her often that I'm just going to send her my paychecks.  LOL

Ok, no more chatter here... this due is Saint and Sinner.  LOVE THE NAMES!!  So first, let me hop in with Saint...

Lilypad Lacquer Saint

She is THE most beautiful and delicate but stunning white base with an amazing rosey red shimmer and HOLO!!!!  The name is perfect, she really is a Saint!  This is two coats with a top coat and seriously, I'm a broken record that PERFECT and flawless application.  Smooth as silk.

Lilypad Lacquer Saint macro

But look how simple and clean she is but that flirty red shimmer just screams I AM FUN DAMMIT!!! I LOVE the macro shot because you can see the holo POP and the red shimmer just saying HELLOOOO handsome.  LOLOL  I am IN LOVE!!! 

Lilypad Lacquer Saint

But now let's flip it and go right into Sinner...

Lilypad Lacquer Sinner

Makes you wanna sin, doesn't it?  She's deep, dark, delicious and ohhhhh so sexxxy.  LOVE LOVE HER!!!
Lilypad Lacquer Sinner

Ugh she's a stunning rosewood with a soft holo, not too overpowering, just enough to say Yep, that's right I AM a Sinner!!   Again, two simple coats, flawless and perfect formula.  EVERY TIME!  I have never had a wonky Lilypad.  There's a metallic glow in there, a shimmer that I can't place but I LOVE IT!!!!

Lilypad Lacquer Sinner macro

* nothing to disclose *

So Nicole and her beautiful Lilypad Lacquer is out of Australia. She has her own shop and it is actually open NOW for the next 6 ish days.  GO SHOP.   Just click HERE.

No worries, IF you can't buy from her directly, she does keep stockists WELL stocked in her beautiful polish creations.  So here are a few:

Beautometry, click HERE
Color4Nails, click HERE
Beauty So Fly, click HERE
Rainbow Connection UK, click HERE 

She also is out on Instagram to follow along, just click HERE
Lilypad Lacquer also has a page out in Facebook, click HERE a group, just click HERE to request to join.

That's all for today friends, thanks for hanging out with me and have a day just as beautiful as you are!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sweet Heart Polish

 * press sample, provided for my honest review *

Good day friends!!!  I have an exciting, fun and GORGEOUS trio to share with you!!! It's from one of my favorite makers, Cassandra, and I KNOW you're familiar with her brand, Sweet Heart Polish.  This is a very special trio, it's inspired from Disney's Tangled.  Yes, Rapunzel.  I LOVE the names, and they couldn't be more perfect for the colors.  The names were actually suggestions by fans in her Facebook Group, she asked for name ideas and she got TONS of excellent names, but the best of the best really couldn't have been more suited for the colors.  I present to you, the Tangled Trio.

So first up, I have the gorgeous crelly, You Broke My Smolder.  This was inspired specifically with Flynn in mind.  The thief turned lover.  It perfectly captures him, with the soft teal base and LOADED with goodies... from micro teal and copper glitters and then micro bronze flakies AND shimmers!!  GORGEOUS!!!  (A thief couldn't be more pleased to be full of such sparkly treasures!)

Sweet Heart Polish - You Broke My Smolder - the Tangled Trio

I applied 3 coats because my nail line is very assertive, you can still slightly see I have VNL in the pictures, but I think 3 coats is perfect. The formula, beautiful, the glitters just flooded out and about on my nail.  Not too much, just perfect!!  I love it!!!  The macro really captures everything perfectly.

Sweet Heart Polish - You Broke My Smolder macro - the Tangled Trio

The name for You Broke My Smolder was submitted by Jen Tesauro. She's a dear friend, and a fellow blogger (My Nail Polish Obsession).

Sweet Heart Polish - You Broke My Smolder - the Tangled Trio

Next up, we have I've Got a Dream... and yes, this beauty was inspired by the princess herself, Rapunzel.  This holo is HOLO Goodness!!!!  A stunning lilac LOADED with holo and then this soft sneaky shifty teal shimmer.  When the light hits it, it sort of screams HERE I AM!!!  lol 

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream - the Tangled Trio

It really is quite feminine and soft, yet grown up.  It's on that ethereal edge of WOWZA!!!

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream macro - the Tangled Trio

The name for I've Got a Dream was a submitted by Gaby Azucena, a Sweet Heart Polish enthusiast.

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream - the Tangled Trio

Ok, my last but not least polish to share, is Hide & Seek Pascal...  talk about SPARKLY BARKLY!!!! It's a glitter bomb FULL of sparkly GOODNESS!!! Assorted sizes of glitters, and colors (just like any chameleon would love)...  Assorted circles in a couple of pinks, hexes in red, pink, fuchsia, white, micro squares of purples and blues, and then just micro fine glitters in the silver and blues.  It's incredible!!

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream with Hide & Seek Pascal over - the Tangled Trio

Seriously, this is GORGEOUS!!  First I played applied it over I've Got a Dream, and really they are meant for one another.  The gorgeous glitter bomb perfectly compliments the lilac holo.  

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream with Hide & Seek Pascal over macro with mickey heads- the Tangled Trio

The name Hide & Seek Pascal was submitted by Rachael Bruzdowski-Wood, another Sweet Heart Polish enthusiast. 

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream with Hide & Seek Pascal over macro - the Tangled Trio

Perfect formula, no fishing around for glitters and they are the PERFECT amount so it's not a GOB of gooey glitters plopping onto your nail!  Cass has the perfect eye and touch for glitters!!  You also get a little bag of Mickey heads and as you can see, I played with them.  I personally like getting Mickey heads separately, so I can place them on my nails if I want to, or not if I'm not in the mood.  I LOVE THAT OPTION!!!!  Cassandra knows I have an aversion to Mickey heads, LOL, so getting the baggie of them is just perfect!  But I played and I think he looks SO CUTE in my mani!!

Sweet Heart Polish - I've Got a Dream with Hide & Seek Pascal over with mickey heads - the Tangled Trio

Then of course, I am a purist, so I got rid of my undies and had to play with Hide & Seek Pascal again... and sure enough.  This is 1 coat and I think it's perfect this way as well. I can't help it, I LOVE OPTIONS!!!  I am a VERY happy girl when I can pick n' choose exactly what I am in the mood for.  How beautiful is this!!!

Sweet Heart Polish - Hide & Seek Pascal - the Tangled Trio

It is SO fun and SO colorful!!!  It's exceptional!  What a perfect trio that really captures the characters!

Sweet Heart Polish - Hide & Seek Pascal with mickey heads - the Tangled Trio

This glitter bomb is perfect!  With or within the Mickey heads, and with or without undies, it's perfect!!  I can imagine a ton of color varieties for undies, and it would look excellent with most colors.

Sweet Heart Polish - Hide & Seek Pascal - the Tangled Trio

LOVE THOSE GLITTERS!!  Cass has a CRAZY amount of glitters, ok, honestly, she is glitter obsessed!  LOL  She is always seeking out new fun glitters, shapes, colors, finishes, she could possibly be considered a glitter hoarder, but we'll say obsessed.  LOL

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Ok friends, this is a NEW collection, it will be launching TOMORROW, yes, TOMORROW!!!!  Monday, March 7th at 8 am pacific time (so that means 9 am mountain, 10 am central and 11 am eastern).  This will be available as a set, for $25 (the best price) or individually Hide & Seek Pascal and You Broke my Smolder will be $9 each, while I've Got a Dream will be $10 per bottle.

So, prepare now, go check out here shop, just click HERE.  If you want to be on the inside and find out scoop before the general public does, go request to join the Facebook group, click HERE. Also, if you aren't already following her on Instagram, you should, just click, HERE.

If you aren't familiar with Sweet Heart Polish, for every bottle sold, $1 gets donated to the autism charity, National Autism Association's Big Red Safety Box.   Which that is near and dear to my own heart.

Tell me friends, which one is your favorite polish from this trio??  And which Disney movie is your favorite?  I loved Tangled, but I think my absolute favorite is a three way tie, between Cinderella, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland!!!