Thursday, October 27, 2016

Firecracker Lacquer

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

So I had made up my mind earlier in the year to walk away from blogging, but when I thought about it long and hard... I can't. I love indie nail polish. I love the community. I love the makers!!! I love the bloggers that I look up to.  So, here I am.  I am OVER THE MOON with my first post from the beautiful Firecracker Lacquer.  At Cocktails and Colors 2016, I met the beautiful Kendahl again, and was reminded of what beautiful creations she makes.  Today's friends is SO PRETTY!!!!  It's very feminine with that soft sassy edge that makes me GIDDY!!!
First I have to introduce you to Kendahl herself, at Cocktails and Colors 2016.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
And her adorable set up at the event.
Firecracker Laquer set up at Cocktails and Color 2016
So... what I have today is I Plead the Fifth.  LOLOL   Best name EVER!!! Because, well everything that happens STAYS in Vegas... and well, hells yes, I do.. I Plead the Fifth!!!

This beauty sadly, is a Vegas exclusive.  Now I could be wrong, but I do believe that this one is an exclusive that was only given to us at the Cocktails and Colors 2016 event.  BUT... don't be sad that you can't get this one.. instead go check out her other beauties and don't miss out on any more!!!

So, here she is friends...
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
The softest lilac silver.  She's LOADED with holo and purple metallic flakies and purple microfine glitters... but then I *think* I see some assorted microfine flakies as well.  Seriously, I don't think anything else could join this party AND even with everything going on, it's gorgeous!!  Nothing is stealing the show.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer
This is two coats and a top coat. And the formula, all of Kendahl's polish the formula is always smooth and buttery. Glides on like a dream!! No issues to report it's just perfect in every way!!!
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer macro
My camera was so excited by its beauty that it leans a little more silvery in my photos than it does in real life. I took a bazillion photos and I could not get the soft gentle lilac to come center stage.  So, please, I try to take color accurate photos.. this beauty is even prettier in real life.  And I apologize that I could not get that soft lilac to show up.
I Plead the Fifth by Firecracker Lacquer collage
Never the less, while I Plead the Fifth is a Vegas exclusive and she is gone, please friends, go check out Kendah's shop, her Firecracker Lacquer really does satisfy and just like a fireworks show... you do a LOT of ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhh.  Just click HERE.
You'll find a LOT of gorgeous variety at her shop, from holos and glitters to crèmes.  There really is something for everyone!!!
* press samples, provided for my honest review *
Thank you so much for spending some time with me, and checking out this gorgeous polish.  I will be back again, I'm not leaving. I mean, how can I leave blogging when this brings me so much happiness to share with YOU beautiful polishes made from beautiful people!!!
Have the greatest day and don't forget... keep your sunshine going!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lou It Yourself

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

Friends, I hope you are having the greatest of days... BUT, if by chance you're having a good day with challenges and obstacles, no fear... I have something to bring a little sunshine to you.

Today's review is from a brand totally new to me.  I'm ashamed to say I had only ever tried her lotion, but not her polish.  At Cocktails and Colors 2106 in Vegas, I not only got to meet the lovely Lou, but I got to enjoy her beautiful soul and amazing smile!!!  AND... I got this gorgeous little beauty that I get to share with YOU all.

Here is a picture of the beautiful Lou, herself.
Lou, the maker behind Lou It Yourself
And as much as I adore her,  LOVE her unicorn sparkly pendant!!!!
Lou with her sparkly unicorn pendant
Here's her set up from Cocktails and Colors, showcasing a little each of her goods.  
Lou It Yourself's set up Cocktails & Colors
Lou It Yourself's set close up of her polishes
Now, here is the sad part, and I am so sorry that I dragged my feet on getting this polish up, because it is gone.  She is an exclusive for Vegas, but Lou had a very limited amount left and subsequently they have sold out.

This beauty I am sharing with you is called Booze and Bad Decisions and, yes... when you are in Vegas sometimes, ok maybe more than sometimes, that combination happens a LOT.  BUT, the beauty of this isn't just the best name but also the polish.... LOOK AT HER...
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions
WHOMP!  My chin drops, I get light headed and that's just checking her out in the bottle... BUT, look at all that gorgeousness.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions macro
She is a stunning cobalt blue that demands some attention, with a tiniest pinch of purpleish (which my camera would not pick up) but she's loaded with this floating holo, micro flakies and a beautiful pink purple ish shimmer.  Seriously, it is one of a kind.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions close up
I used two coats and a top coat.  The formula was BEAUTIFUL!!! Self leveling, I put it on a little heavy on one finger but it smoothed itself out.  Perfect smooth formula, no issues with application or thickness.  PERFECTION!  I can't believe this is my FIRST Lou It  Yourself polish... and I LOVE IT!!
BUT, so here's the other part... Lou may have hooked me up with some of her bath bombs and her new and improved lotion.  So last week I finally decided I needed to soak.  Soak some stress off, so I grabbed for my Surf's Up bath bomb and tossed it into my warm bath while it was filling.  It dissolved wonderfully, my bath water was barely a soft blue and it smelled SO GOOD!!! So I got in and ohhh my bizcuits. My skin was SO DRY!!  I live in Colorado Springs and it is dry here, so I got in and just ahhhhhhhh'd as my skin soaked up the sweet almond oil.   It was JUST right on the amount of oil.  I didn't feel like I was a greasy oil slick.  I lingered just until my water turned cool and got out.  I dabbed myself with my towel because I wanted all that moisture goodness to soak into my skin and it did. Relatively quickly.  I LOVE bath bombs!!  Now, if you are NOT  a bath bomb kind of girl, GET THEM and break them up and make instant mani soaks.  But this coming winter, I will be soaking in these regularly.
Lou It Yourself Booze & Bad Decisions collage
OH and... after I got out and let that all soak into my skin, I used a wee bit of her Zero Thirst Body Lotion.  Oh my!!!! First, she recently redid her formula and I didn't know it needed a change, but WOWZA.  The scent is Cantaloupe and ohhhhhhhh it smells SO GOOD!!!  Like summertime in a jar!!  Nice and thick, soaks in fast and didn't leave me greasy (and this is AFTER I soaked with her bath bomb)!!!!

So if you have never tried Lou It Yourself... well, I guess you have no reason not to now because I have just told you this is one to try!!!

Not to mention her products are amazing, but ummm... she was wearing the CUTEST unicorn pendant and her hair is the prettiest color purple!  With the best sunshine smile to match!!!!

* press samples, provided for my honest review *

Ok friends... go check out Lou It Yourself, just click HERE.

For a quick link to check out her other gorgeous polishes, just click HERE.
For a quick link to the Zero Thirst Body Lotion, just click HERE.
And lastly for a quickie to the bath bombs, just click HERE.

But you really should peruse her shop, she has lots of assorted goodies there and I would hate for you to miss anything wonderful!!!!

Thank you so much friends for being here, and reading my review. I hope you found it helpful!!!  Question for you... what fragrance would you love to see in a bath bomb or lotion?!?!!  Even though we have just entered autumn, I am STILL loving the summery scents.  But, my heart will always love the earthy warm scents too.

Smile and share that smile with the world around you!!!