Sunday, January 31, 2016


*nothing to disclose*

Good day friends!!!  I am so excited and on a roll with new to me brands that I need to share. Today is another new to me brand and SO pretty!!!  Starrily is the brand and Heart of the Ocean is the color.  Seriously, the name is PERFECT. 

Here she is...

Starrily Heart of the Ocean

Isn't she LOVELY!?!!  That blue is so dreamy, a bright cobalt blue with a gorgeous smattering of holo.  Not holo that's a danger to drive with but just the right amount to let the blue sing effortlessly.

Starrily Heart of the Ocean

Two coats and a top coat. The formula was beautiful and smooth.  Easy to apply with no issues to report.  It's very lovely. Once I applied the the top coat, she just sparkled that SPARKLY BARKLY goodness and took my breath away.

Starrily Heart of the Ocean macro

*nothing to disclose

Currently the Starrily shop is closed, but check in on it now and then, just click HERE.
However, the stockiest, Live Love Polish carries some of the Starrily polishes, just click HERE.

You may notice that a lot of makers I am familiar with, or am friends with, but I'm not familiar with this maker. I honestly don't even know the maker's name.  BUT I figured I would still try out the brand and I am pleasantly surprised that I did.  Gorgeous

Have a wonderful and beautiful day friends and don't forget to SMILE!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Paint Box Polish

*nothing to disclose*

Good day and Happy Monday friends!!!  Unlike most folks, I welcome Mondays.  A new week, a fresh start and a beautiful beginning.  So I love to have polish on a Monday that just makes me SMILE from within.  Today is exactly that.

This also is the FIRST time I have reviewed this brand, I don't know why. The maker is a total sweetheart, and a friend of mine (Pam)... the brand, Paint Box Polish.  Now one thing I need to note is that this polish is sadly no longer available.  Pam does a one pour, limited edition and once it is gone, it is GONE.  This was a limited edition offered for the New Year and it's name... Poppin Bottles.  (get it poppin' champs bottles

Here she is in ALL her SPARKLY BARKLY beauty...

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles mani

So if you have been around with me, you'll know browns make my knees weak and my pulse gets elevated.  AND, if you know anything about anything you will KNOW that I love ALL THINGS Sparkly BARKLY.  This polish is EXACTLY that!!!!  A gorgeous brown jelly base with major HOLO!!!  Don't quote me but I *think* we have MAJOR holo (a variety of holo, holo microfine glitters, etc) AND gold flakies!!  WIN WIN!!!!

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles mani

Do you SEE that SPARKLE!?!?!!  Ugh... my heart can't take it.  I LOVE IT!!!  I keep flashing it in the lights here at my desk, but then I turn my flashlight on my cellphone on and make it SHIMMAH SHIMMAH.  lol

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles macro

Yes, I am 41 going on 8 and PROUD of it! The next macro I added a little extra lighting to make the holo really pop and instead it freaked out my camera.  It was SO HOLO that it scared my camera.  LOL 

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles macro with extra lighting

So here's the deal, sadly, this polish is no longer available.  You might be able to find it in a destash somewhere.  However, there is another Limited Edition polish for Valentine's Day and it's a set that comes with a couple mani fizzies.  (I just ordered it so it hasn't yet arrived.) 

Go check her shop out. If you LOVE this polish, Poppin Bottles, then I'm pretty sure you will love her new LE Valentine's color and she has a BUNCH of other colors hanging out with flakies, or holo or shimmah shimmah. 

Also, something to check out in her shop, she has mani fizzies.  You drop one into a bowl of water and let your paws soak in it for a bit. It is SO moisturizing and just relaxing. Ashleigh is the maker of the mani fizzies and I LOVES them!!!!  You can't go wrong!

*nothing to disclose*

Go peruse her shop, just click HERE.
She also has a facebook group, click HERE to request to be added. 
She also has her facebook page, just click HERE to be directed. 
And last but not least, you can scope her out on Instagram, just click HERE.

And.... if you aren't already following me on Instagram, please feel free... just click HERE.  Shew, all that clicking tired me out.  Just means MORE COFFEE!!!!

As always friends, I wish you the greatest day... if it is NOT the greatest make it greater!!! SMILE!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Girly Bits

*nothing to disclose*

Hello again friends!!!  I have another brand that I have not yet reviewed for you, this is LONG over due.  Girly Bits.  Not only does the brand name make me giggle, and the owner/maker (Pam) is a SWEETHEART but her polishes and products just blow me away.  She has something for EVERYONE!!!

Now, if you have been around a while, or even a short while you will KNOW that I LOVE everything SPARKLY BARKLY.  Right?  Well, yes.  However, I also love ALL things deep dark and scandalously delicious. Which brings me to today's review for you.  It is NOT full of glitters, or holo, it doesn't even have shimmer SHIMMAH.  NO flakies.  No!  I know, and I assure you, I do NOT have a fever and this is one of my overall TOP 5 polishes. Are you ready?

No Peeking 'Til 7am...

Girly Bits No Peeking 'Til 7AM

STUNNING!!!!  She is the deepest darkest blackened red/burgundy crelly.  Now crelly is a jelly style of polish (that looks a bit squishy) but yet, at the same time it's creamy.  Which is what we have here crelly.

I used two coats and it is absolute perfection.  If you have ever used Girly Bits all of her formulas are this exact same style, PERFECT!!  They almost apply themselves.  I am SO in LOVE!!!

Girly Bits No Peeking 'Til 7AM

This polish is SO gorgeous, that I kept it on for THREE DAYS. Now that may not sound very long, but friends, I usually can't keep a polish on for 24 hours because I get bored.  I WAS NOT BORED!! I actually almost reapplied this same polish but I didn't so I could share the love.

Girly Bits is a Canadian brand, and recently she has been expanding her brand.  She not only has THE most gorgeous of polishes, with holo, flakies, neons, cremes, multichromes, you name it and she has it. BUT, she also now has gotten into the world of nail art with stamping goodies. So she also now offers her own brand of stamping nail polishes AND a stamping plate.  I haven't yet played with the stamping plate and I should have, but I seriously couldn't bring myself to stamp on this sexy red.

*nothing to disclose*

While she is a Canadian brand and ships from up north, she has pretty quick shipping and the shipping is reasonable. Shipping is also free when you spend $80 before taxes are applied and that is NOT hard to spend.

Go peruse her shop, take a look around and explore, it seems like she is ALWAYS adding new goods to her shop.  So check her shop out by clicking, HERE.

There are also a couple Girly Bits groups on facebook, check them out here and here. And, one other key point of interest, she is on Instagram @girlybitscosmetics, or just click HERE.

And friends, as ALWAYS, have THE greatest of days and SMILE because it looks damn good!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

ILNP (I Love Nail Polish)

*nothing to disclose*

Good day my beautiful friends! I'm sharing yet another review with a KNOCK YOUR SOCKS off polish!!!  I don't believe I have reviewed this brand to date, but I'm not sure why.  ILNP, that's the name and it stands for I Love Nail Polish.  They are an amazing brand and HELLA gorgeous polish!!!  Yes, in fact ILNP.

Today, I share Mona Lisa...

ILNP Mona Lisa

Super gorgeous, that soft mocha brown and that SUPA HOLO!!! In fact, she is part of the Ultra Holo collection from ILNP, and they have that "Ultra Holo" trademarked, so they MEAN BIZ!! 

ILNP Mona Lisa macro

The ILNP formula is always flawless! I own quite a few ILNP, and they never disappoint. EVER.  Two coats with a top coat, and it's pure perfection!  Buttery and gorgeous. It even dries relatively fast, but I still use my quick dry top coat.

ILNP Mona Lisa

DO YOU SEE that HOLO!!!  Strong like BULL!!!  HOLO for days!!!  Yes, I am in LOVE!!!

ILNP Mona Lisa Collage

Barbara is the owner and mastermind behind the ILNP brand and I'm telling you, she puts out the MOST gorgeous colors.  Every new collection she releases, I drool and then I'm buying more ILNP.  It's a win win.  My bank account may not agree, but I do!! 

*nothing to disclose*

If you keep your eye out, she does presales for her new collections, and you typically can save $1 per bottle if you purchase on the presales.  Otherwise, you can buy any time.  Her shop is always up and running, and the amount of options is endless.  (Her multichromes and flakies OUT OF THIS WORLD) 

Go ahead, and check out her inventory and alllllll the beauty she has... you will not regret it.  Feel free, just click HERE.

That's all I have for today, just have the best day imaginable and remember to SMILE!!! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Darling Diva Polish -The Force Part 2

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

Before I even begin, I'm going to give you two warnings. 1, this is VERY photo heavy and 2, your bank account may not be thanking me by the time Friday the 22nd (launch day) rolls around.  Otherwise, YAY, happy day friends!!!!  *smiles innocently*

So Darling Diva Polish strikes back and with a WINNING COLLECTION!!!  I've showcased her polishes a number of times and today's collection is hands down, my favorite thus far.  EVERY polish is a win and I had a hard time swatching them for review, because I didn't want to take them off.  This is her newest collection, it's The Force Part 2.  Carrie said early this year that while pink and purples are her favorites, she's going to go outside of her box and prove that pinks and purples are not her only specialty and dagnabit... TAKE MY MONEY!!!  This collection is a gorgeous mix of beauty.  NOT falling short of absolute perfection!

So I'm just going to jump right in, there is no particular order.

First is These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For... a gorgeous white crelly with a TON of assorted glitters.  From blue, red, golds, there are hex, squares microfine, iridescent and a smattering of a very fine gold flakies.

Darling Diva Polish These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For

It's FUN and it's CUTE!!!  Ugh, no swimming needed for the glitters.  With crellies you want a little heavier coat so they can just flood your nails and flooding is exactly what they did.  I used three coats so I could get a nice milky white finish to the crelly. No issues, the formula is flawless! LOVE IT!!!!

Darling Diva Polish These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For macro

That leads us into Do or Do Not, There is No Try and LOOK AT IT!!!!  I should have also included, if you LOVE flakies, you will need to sit for the rest of today's presentation.  lolol

Darling Diva Polish Do or Do Not, There is No Try

She's a green apple base chocked FULL of GOODNESS!!!  Holo, metallic flakies of assorted colors and sizes and the SEXIEST rose gold shimmer!!!  I DIE in all that FLAKIE GOODNESS!!!   SO PRETTY!!!  Two coats here, no issues, just beautiful perfection!!!

Darling Diva Polish Do or Do Not, There is No Try macro

Now, if you aren't sitting, please, be seated...

Cloud City, she MELTS my HEART!!  Cloud City is the most beautiful bright sky blue that is PACKED with HOLO, glass like iridescent flakies and a purple/pink shifty shimmer!!!  Be STILL my heart!!!  I'm a sucker for all these things!!!

Darling Diva Polish Cloud City

Do you SEE IT!?!?!  Look at those flakies, so soft and ethereal, but that purple pink shimmah SHIMMAH...  ugh, I need to sit.  Two coats, flawless formula glides like BUTTER!!! I'm waiting for the soft billowing clouds to float by... that's all Cloud City is missing.  *sigh*

Darling Diva Polish Cloud City

I mean seriously... LOOK AT THAT SHIMMER AND SPARKLE. The flakies just SLAY me!!

Darling Diva Polish Cloud City macro

*Warning SPARKLY BARKLY OVERBOARD is about to go down*

We have next, My M'Effen Lightsaber Is Purple and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR... it is SO FULL of SPARKLY BARKLY goodness that it made my camera go into shock!!!

Darling Diva Polish My M'Effen Lightsaber is Purple

It is THE most perfect plum purple full of EVERYTHING sparkly!!!  Holo, purple shimmer, LOADED with metallic purple flakies and a wee bit of this golden shimmery shine!!!!  GAHHHH... my heart can't even take it!!!

Darling Diva Polish My M'Effen Lightsaber is Purple

Two coats but seriously, one coat would have been plenty... but I had to do 2 and WHOA!!! WHOA!!!  Two coats, again you'll hear this over and over, flawless formula. Smooth and stunning! Just take all that sparkly BARKLY shimmer and SHIMMER IN!!!  Ugh... seriously friends.

Darling Diva Polish My M'Effen Lightsaber is Purple macro

Come to the Dark Side with this gorgeous black jelly jammed FULL of metallic golden flakies with red shimmer and HOLO to top it off.  It is SO SQUISHY!!!!  Sparkle SPARKLE!!!!  I am seriously over the moon and we STILL HAVE MORE!!!

Darling Diva Polish Come to the Dark Side

I used three coats with this one, because I wanted the black jelly to have a real dark depth to it, and WHOA with three coats the add-ins of sparkly goodness just BLOW MY MIND!!!!  Take this in, just LOOK AT ALL THE SPARKLE!!!  The red shimmer ties it all together and makes that depth even darker, sexier.  Oh, and again perfect formula, no issues.

Darling Diva Polish Come to the Dark Side macro

Talk about red and perfection, let's talk about Blood Is Thicker...  ohhhh yea.  Deep dark red jelly that can't possibly have any more golden shimmer, metallic flakies AND holo!!!  LOADED!!!!  And so deep, luxurious!!!

Darling Diva Polish Blood is Thicker...

Two coats was all it took for this perfect flawless formula to make her SHINE!!!!  Blood is Thicker...  makes my heart just pause, to take it all in...  *sigh*   Carrie has this magic about her when her creativity flows and this collection, is amazing.   AMAZEBALLS!!!

Darling Diva Polish Blood is Thicker... macro

Let's pause, take a moment.  Collect ourselves.  Deep breath.  I have two more and maybe these last two are the sparkles and the candles on this cake of perfection.  Maybe, just maybe.  I am a wee bit biased, because brown nail polish will ALWAYS steal the show and win my heart. However, not ONE above are any less my favorite because this collection is a complete win.  Ok, heart rate is back to normal.  Breathing is chill.  Let's do this...

Rey, takes a leading role here... she is THE perfect nude.  She's warm with golden soft shimmer, packed full of flakie goodness in both gold and reddish copper and then as if that isn't enough, she then is LOADED with HOLO... such HOLY HOLO GOODNESS!!!!  But still, with all that WOWZA, she takes my BREATH AWAY!!!  Yes... take her in...

Darling Diva Polish Rey

Two coats, buttery application, just smooth and silky.  This one reminds me of a polish I fell in love with MOONS ago from Opi called Flagstaff Fries to Go.  It was my most favorite back in the day, and this one reminds me of that with the golden nude but even more improved from the flakies and the holo and the SHIMMAHHHH...   it's so soft and feminine.  A burst of fresh air... a palate cleanser if you will.

Darling Diva Polish Rey macro

That leads us right into Let the Wookie Win.  And the Wookie wins BIG with this one...  I hear the song of angels while I get taken away with the SPARKLE SPARKLE. 

Darling Diva Polish Let the Wookie Win

A root beer brown that is SO full of goodness.  HOLO HOLO, that you can see from MILES away... a beautiful golden shimmer and those sexy reddish copper and golden flakies just come in to steal the show.  SHOW STOPPER!!!!  Just like my heart, stopped... done.   YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  I had to end this presentation with her, she's my clincher.  *sigh*

Darling Diva Polish Let the Wookie Win

Just ONE more of Let the Wookie Win, I just... I can't.

Darling Diva Polish Let the Wookie Win macro

I am IN LOVE with EVERY polish in this collection.  At first I judge, yes, I judge the colors and think, nahhhhhh I won't like X or Y, but dagnabit friends... EVERY POLISH is a WIN!!! Usually Carrie does a full collection to purchase as well as individuals, so just save time and get the whole collection.  I promise, if you do NOT, you WILL be kicking yourself later saying "why didn't I". 

OH, also, you'll notice something new and fresh here if you're familiar (or pay attention to my reviews from the past)... her bottles.  SQUARE!! They're all new, the old round bottles will be phasing out little by little and these squares are taking over.  Still 15 mL, so it's the same amount just in a PERFECT square bottle. I LOVE squares because they fit together so much better with no wasted space.  Another reason you need this collection.

* press sample, provided for my honest review *

So set your alarm now for THIS Friday, January 22nd at 7 pm central time.  (5 pacific, 6 mountain, 7 central and 8 eastern).  If you are international just google your time zone against eastern, it's easiest.

Take a look around in the meantime, just click HERE
You can also find her on Facebook, HERE. 
Also, feel free to follow her on Instagram, by clicking HERE.

Thank you for hanging out with me for yet, another amazing collection.  Until my next review friends, have a great day and SMILE because the world needs more of that!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

a England

*nothing to disclose*

Happy Day Friends!!!  I bring to you a brand that I have not previously reviewed and I don't know why, the brand is a England and it is STUNNING!!! I'm never disappointed,  a England is a beautiful indie, that always satisfies. Some consider her a subcategory of indies, called a boutique brand.  Boutique just means that while they are still an independent company, they are still hand poured but by a lab versus in home.  They still are not considered a mainstream company, by far.

Today is a stunner, takes my breath AWAY.  She is Jane Morris from the Rossetti's Goddess collection.

a England Jane Morris

A gorgeous slate grey with a SASSY scattered HOLO!!!!  Then there's this amazing shimmer of a blue/purple.  It is STUNNING!!!!  a England's holo has a glow from within!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEEE it just makes me GIDDY!!! 

a England Jane Morris macro

As always, the formula is pure PERFECTION!!  I could have stopped after one coat, but I can't, I always do 2 coats. However, if you are in a rush, 1 coat is perfection!!  I top coat it and go.  Also, it is a very quick drying polish.  Buttery, gorgeous application.  One of the best and one of my top favorites!

a England Jane Morris

a England is a UK brand, boo for us USA residents, however, she is available in a few stockists that do ship to us here in the states.

*nothing to disclose*

Here are a few stockists that can fulfill your a England needs:
Live Love Polish, just click HERE.
Beautometry, just click HERE.
Color4Nails, just click HERE.

And as always, I wish you the greatest day... if it isn't then change your mindset and make it GREATER!!! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sweet Heart Polish

*nothing to disclose*

Good day friends!  I'm back with another polish review and this one, the color just makes my heart thump THUMP!!! I don't know what it is that the non-typical colors just make me SO happy and THIS is NO exception.

You should already know of this brand, Sweet Heart Polish, and the maker, Cassandra.  A DOLL BABY!!  LOVE her and I LOVE this brand! I met her and this brand at CosmoProf in Vegas July 2015 and I haven't looked back yet.

So let's just jump right in, friends, meet Twinkle Twinkle!!!

Sweet Heart Polish Twinkle Twinkle

Isn't she STUNNING!?!?  *long sigh*  She's gorgeous!!  A black jelly with TONS of rainbow fine flakies AND platinum flakies GALORE!  Helloooo FLAKIE-licious!!!  YUM!  And the shimmer... do you SEE THAT BLUE SHIMMER!?!?!?  I could get lost for days!

Sweet Heart Polish Twinkle Twinkle macro

Plus, HOLO for DAYS!!!!  Do you see that rainbow shimmah of HOLO!!!  PERFECT formula, as always Cassandra presents a buttery smooth flowy formula. Two coats with a top coat and BAM!! GORGEOUS!

Sweet Heart Polish Twinkle Twinkle

Yes, I may never take this one off.  Of course, I *might* say that often when I fall in love with a color but I *might* just be serious this time.  *wink*  

Sweet Heart Polish Twinkle Twinkle Collage

I actually can't get over the polish as a whole.  All the flakie holo goodness and yummy shimmer.  You get the picture, AND I LOVE black/grey polishes.  Some photos I took, depends on how the light hits it, it can look a little more charcoal grey instead of DEEP black but hey, it's still a WIN!!!  Wearing it I want to sing, Twinkle Twinkle in the sky...  (and yes friends, I am really singing that). 

Ok, so here's the deal... this one is part of a trio.  A special limited edition Black Friday collection.  The 3 polishes are $28 dollars, which do the math... NINE dollars and THIRTY THREE cents EACH!  That's crazy talk for a gorgeous limited edition trio!!  AND the other 2 colors, though I don't have them here today are GORGEOUS!!

*nothing to disclose*

So go check out the Sweet Heart Polish shop out on etsy, just click HERE.  She has quite a lot of variety. If you love glitters, she has them.  If you love flakies, she has them. If you like shimmah, she has it.  So there really is something for everyone. 

I hope you enjoyed the review friends and I hope you find something at Sweet Heart Polish to make you smile, because we MUST SMILE!!  Happy Day!!!  Thanks for hanging out!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Colors By Llarowe

*nothing to disclose*

Hello again friends!! I have another beautiful review, and I think you will agree with me, sometimes life just needs a deep dark vampy stunning polish and this, is one of those times.  A friend of mine actually was raving about the following polish and it was in my "wishlist" on the site.  I couldn't purchase it fast enough to review it.

This is a Colors By Llarowe polish, and her name is Breathless and YES, she WILL leave you Breathless.  I can't even hold off any longer, here she is...

Colors By Llarowe Breathless

Do you SEE the glow?  Seriously GLOWS from within!!  She's a beautiful red crelly LOADED with these red to gold shimmers that are just like burning embers!!  Ugh, I am OVER THE MOON!!!

Colors By Llarowe Breathless macro

Two coats, that's it and a top coat.  Smooth and buttery, flawless application.  No issues AT ALL!!  It almost looks like a liquid foil the way the shimmers just glow. GLOW I tell ya!!!

Colors By Llarowe Breathless

So here is how much I loved her... I had a line up of 10 polishes to swatch.  This was my polish #3 and after it was on I could NOT take her off!!  LOL  So, that ended my swatch fest for another day. I even left this on for over 48 hours, which is really RARE!  I'm so in love!!

Colors By Llarowe Breathless Collage

Leah Ann, you have won my heart over yet again with this beauty!!!  I am and will always be left Breathless for this one.

*nothing to disclose*

See, you need her. We both know you do.   So just go check it out and all the other endless colors she has in stock, just click HERE

Have the greatest day please, and don't forget to SMILE and get your SPARKLE ON!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Superficially Colorful Lacquer

*nothing to disclose*

Good afternoon friends, I hope you're staying warm and dry (depending where you live). It's snowing and chilly here in gorgeous Colorado Springs.  Brrrrrrrrr

I'm hoping to warm you up from within with today's newest review, of an amazing brand.  Superficially Colorful Lacquer from the always wonderful, Jin.  Today's is a fun one, it's a thermal.  Thermals vary in color depending on hot/cold.  They typically have a shelf life of our 6 months to one year and after that it will stay one of the colors.  However, my bottle is almost 1 year and it's still absolutely perfect transitioning from hot to cold and back again.  I store my polish in dark helmers and the room they are in is pretty moderate, never hot or cold to either extreme. Perhaps that helps.

Today's color is sooooo pretty and girly, it's Foolish Heart.  It's from last year's (2015) Valentine's Day collection called Troubled Love, and one of my MOST favorite of Jin's

Here she is...  BOOM

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Foolish Heart thermal compare

Isn't she beautiful???  Cold she's a beautiful violet plummy purple with that soft copper ish shimmer, say LOVE ME...

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Foolish Heart thermal cold state

While warm she transitions to the most stunning shade, a rosey copper ish salmon color.  It's as if you roll those all up and VOILA here she is in her warm glory, with that same beautiful copper ish shimmer.  Just calling your NAME!!!  LOOOOOVE ME!!!

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Foolish Heart thermal warm state

BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!!  Isn't she so pretty!?!?!  Here is a fun macro with left to right, cold to a transition to warm. How FUN IS THAT?!!?!?

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Foolish Heart transitioning

So thermals bring out the KID in me!!  I'm 41 going on ohhhh maybe 11.  It's like I need permission to stick my paws into warm then cold water and watch the colors change and back again.  LOLOL  It's SO MUCH FUN!!!  I purposely take longer to wash my paws because HELLOOOO they change colors!!!  Adulting isn't as fun, unless you MAKE IT FUN!!!  And thermals, MAKE. IT. FUN!!!

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Foolish Heart thermal cold transition and warm macro

Gorgeous!!! I'm so in love!!  So everyone month one indie brand gets honored, so you (yes YOU can also) post any/all manis of that brand and tag it with the #SpreadIndieLoveJan2016 ... so I will be including a few pics out on Instagram (if you aren't following me, you can follow me by clicking HERE)  Jin deserves to be honored, she's an amazing human being creating gorgeous products. (Keep your EYES on her, she's about to start launching NEW STUFF, not just polish.  Huh uh.)

*nothing to disclose*

You can STILL purchase your own bottle of Foolish Heart and of Jin's other gorgeous creations, just by going to her shop, click HERE.   And for IG, you can follow Jin on her colorful adventure, HERE.

Thank you friends!  Have THE best day EVER and if it isn't, you know what to do... make it GREATER!!!  And smile!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

KB Shimmer

*nothing to disclose*

It's not often that I get nail polish in the mail and MUST change my polish IMMEDIATELY!!!  Usually, my slacker ish ways tend to win out.  However, I received this polish yesterday evening and I could NOT redo my mani fast enough!!!

So friends, today I'm sharing today a new to me brand and this SPARKLY BARKLY MANI!!!  Really, their brand name couldn't be more apropos.  KB Shimmer, the minds behind it are a beautiful lady, Christy and her husband, Jason. They are amazing, and clearly put great thought into everything they put into their brand.  Not only do they have THE most sparkly BARKLY polishes, but they have nail vinyls, water decals, mani bombs, lotion, etc.. the list goes on and on.  IF you can't find something to love, it's NOT them, jus' sayin'.

Here she is, Black Pearl...

KB Shimmer Black Pearl

AND as if the polish ALONE doesn't knock your socks OFF, they also included THE cutest necklace with a Black Pearl to coordinate with the lovely polish!!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!  Edited to add: I had NO idea there was a contest, but apparently I was indeed the black pearl necklace winner.  Yay!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl with a black pearl

Application was so beautiful and breezy. The formula was buttery smooth, self leveling, the super fine micro glitters and flakies left NO texture, the polish is smooth when dry.  I used two coats and one top coat... SHIMMAH SHIMMAH!!!! KB Shimmer, you have more than earned your name with this!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl macro

If you don't see all that SHIMMAH, you need to call and make an eye doctor's appointment ASAP then come back again.  GORGEOUS!!!!!  So stunning, it's a golden/bronzy shimmery black. It's unique and BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I don't think I will take it off.  Ever.  Ever EVER!!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl

The rainbow of holo is just screaming LOVE ME!!! And I DO!!!  So, this is only 1 of 12, a collection of Birthstones that JUST released on January 1st.  Talk about a FAST TAT (turn around time)! I ordered the morning of the 1st and hello, I had it in my hot little hands on January 6th.  Impressive!!

*nothing to disclose*

So friends, easy breezy... here is there shop, click HERE. Go peruse the endless amounts of goodies, and buy.  It is THAT easy!!  You will NOT regret your purchase!!! I do promise! Oh, and YES, the rest of the Birthstone Collection is GORGEOUS!!!  Need!

Have THE greatest of days, STAY SPARKLY and keep SMILING!!!!  Happy New Year's!!