Friday, January 1, 2016


* nothing to disclose*

Good day friends and a VERY Happy New Year to you all! Today I have all new review for you.  What is this? It's not a nail polish review... no, no it's NOT. This is an indie company but not nails at all.  Instead, this is an indie bath and body shop of a whole new level.  Sucreabeille is the name, and the maker, Caroline is a SWEETHEART!!!  I actually knew her for a while before I knew she had a shop and now, whoa!!!  I love her to PIECES!!!

She has a little of everything, perfume oils, bath oils, soaps, hoo doo items, and even THE BEST cleaning product for the house. 

The only problem with today's review is that I do NOT have smell-o-net.  If only you could SMELL these products, I just KNOW you wouldn't MOSEY over to her shop, you would RUN as FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

Let's discuss, shall we?

Indie Soaps that look like art
First off, no this is not art per say that you would just view and enjoy.  No, quite contraire my friends... these are SOAPS!  Vegan soaps!  Not only can you pick from a HUGE variety of already made/designed soaps, but you can buy one and customize it.  Ask for a lot of SPARKLY BARKLY and she absolutely obliges!!  You pick the scent from her HUGE list of scents and ask for a color or sparkles or just plain jane if that's how you roll.


Premade/predesigned or customizable

Also, she makes Chinese Wash.  Now this is an age old hoo doo blend, of amazing proportions.  They are all hand blended, and also as you clean it's said you clean negativity away.  You cleanse from top down and in a clockwork pattern.  As you cleanse, not only does it smell amazing but I know personally, I feel lighter in doing so.

perfume oils, eau de parfum and Chinese Wash

But WAIT that's not ALL.  Perfumes. Perfume oils and eau de Parfums available in small bottles or roll on bottles OR in a bigger spray bottle.  And, YES, that's right I *DO* have a perfume called Scandalous N' Sassy.  Would you expect less?  A dear friend had that made just for me. It's a warm and earthy scent with some patchouli and amber and goodness... OH MY!!!

perfume oil and eau de Parfum

So dear friends, if you have never tried an indie for bath & body products, please, check her out and just trust me on this.  I don't think you could possibly be disappointed here.  She has scents to please ANY preferred scent palette.

She also has something BRAND NEW, that I haven't even received yet.  LOTIONS. (Edited to add:  Full disclosure, though -- she makes a mango/shea/cocoa butter + avocado/almond/pumpkin seed oil emulsion, and add that to an existing lotion base. So it's not a straight base per se, but she does use one. She claims she hasn't yet perfected her lotion-making skills, and the base she found is a REALLY nice one, so for the time being, it is a part of the ingredients.)  You can also customize those as well to any scent or any scent combination your heart so desires!!

* nothing to disclose*

Check out her shop HERE and thank me later!

Happiest of New Years to you friends, may 2016 be THE GREATEST you and I have ever experienced!!!  Let's work together to make it greater and more beautiful not only for ourselves but for the world we live in!!  Happy Day!


  1. Seriously best indie company out there! Everything she makes is perfection!

  2. Awesome review! :-)
    And amazing Indie company! One the best out there hands down!! LOVE her products! :-)

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, if not THE best indie bath & body!!! The products are amazing and Caroline is just beautiful!

  3. Great review! Love her products!

    1. Thank you!! She is building quite an amazing brand!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It's easy to write a review when the products present themselves so wonderfully as hers do!