Friday, January 1, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer

*nothing to disclose*

Hello again friends, I do hope you're having a wonderful start to a beautiful new year.  I have again a nail polish review, see, I told you not to fear that I'd have nail polish again soon and TAH DAHHH!

Today is a brand that I have NOT previously reviewed for you, but dagnabbit I should have!! Lilypad Lacquer, it is one of my very top 3 polishes and the maker, Nicole, a total doll!  Lilypad is an Australian brand. She does do a restock in her own shop now and then at Lilypad Lacquer, but you can pick her up EVERYWHERE.  From Color4Nails, Rainbow Connection UK and Beauty So Fly.  I am sure others carry her, but I have bought from those 3 and directly from Nicole with no issues ever.

So this is/was my New Year's mani.  I still am so in love with it, I don't want to take it off. 

Here it is...  WOWZA!!!

flakies, multichrome, indie polish

So the main color is Here and Now and the accent nail is Mythical Legend

First off with the Here and Now, do you see the GORGEOUS multichrome play?!?!  It's SHADY and I LOVE IT!!!  So it's a shifty one that goes between a raspberry to a red to a plummy purple and a deep blue.  It is STUNNING!!!  STUNNING!!!

Multichrome, fine flakies, indie polish

Then the Mythical Legends is SUPER-FLAKIE-LICOUS!!! Yes, that's a new word and it's perfect... I get lost in all those sexxxy flakies.  They are also multichromy with iridescent colors shimmering.

flakies, multichrome, indie polish

Don't take MY word for it... look at IT!!!  Ugh, so stunning, so beautiful, so sexxxy and I am OVER THE MOON!  Yes, I am IN LOVE!!

multichrome, flakies, fine flakies, indie polish

I may never take this off.  Ever.  Ok, maybe I will because I got a LOT of gorgeous Lilypads lined up waiting for love. 

Both colors are 2 coats.  Super smooth and buttery, no issues to share with you. Even the flakies 2 coats and it's perfection!  (Nicole is NOT cheap with the add-ins friends!!)

So please, go check out her brand and if you have never experienced her... please do so.  You will thank me later.  She has all types of colors and uniqueness... flakies, holo, shimmer, neon, brights, pastels, cremes, browns... anything your heart can dream of, she already made.

*nothing to disclose*

Check out Lilyad Lacquer's shop HERE
(If you are not a member of her Facebook group, go check it out. Request to join and you'll be up on the latest/newest colors, collections and who has what exclusives. AND, when she will open her own shop for sales.  Link to her Fb Group is HERE.)

Or check out a stockiest that will deliver to your area, again I have used Color4Nails, Rainbow Connection UK and Beauty So Fly.

Friends, tell me what your favorite finish is for a polish?  Flakies, cremes, shimmer, frost, HOLO, multichrome, etc?  What makes YOU most excited in a polish?

Have THE BEST DAY and keep smiling, 'cause it looks great on you!

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