Thursday, January 7, 2016

KB Shimmer

*nothing to disclose*

It's not often that I get nail polish in the mail and MUST change my polish IMMEDIATELY!!!  Usually, my slacker ish ways tend to win out.  However, I received this polish yesterday evening and I could NOT redo my mani fast enough!!!

So friends, today I'm sharing today a new to me brand and this SPARKLY BARKLY MANI!!!  Really, their brand name couldn't be more apropos.  KB Shimmer, the minds behind it are a beautiful lady, Christy and her husband, Jason. They are amazing, and clearly put great thought into everything they put into their brand.  Not only do they have THE most sparkly BARKLY polishes, but they have nail vinyls, water decals, mani bombs, lotion, etc.. the list goes on and on.  IF you can't find something to love, it's NOT them, jus' sayin'.

Here she is, Black Pearl...

KB Shimmer Black Pearl

AND as if the polish ALONE doesn't knock your socks OFF, they also included THE cutest necklace with a Black Pearl to coordinate with the lovely polish!!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!  Edited to add: I had NO idea there was a contest, but apparently I was indeed the black pearl necklace winner.  Yay!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl with a black pearl

Application was so beautiful and breezy. The formula was buttery smooth, self leveling, the super fine micro glitters and flakies left NO texture, the polish is smooth when dry.  I used two coats and one top coat... SHIMMAH SHIMMAH!!!! KB Shimmer, you have more than earned your name with this!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl macro

If you don't see all that SHIMMAH, you need to call and make an eye doctor's appointment ASAP then come back again.  GORGEOUS!!!!!  So stunning, it's a golden/bronzy shimmery black. It's unique and BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I don't think I will take it off.  Ever.  Ever EVER!!!

KB Shimmer Black Pearl

The rainbow of holo is just screaming LOVE ME!!! And I DO!!!  So, this is only 1 of 12, a collection of Birthstones that JUST released on January 1st.  Talk about a FAST TAT (turn around time)! I ordered the morning of the 1st and hello, I had it in my hot little hands on January 6th.  Impressive!!

*nothing to disclose*

So friends, easy breezy... here is there shop, click HERE. Go peruse the endless amounts of goodies, and buy.  It is THAT easy!!  You will NOT regret your purchase!!! I do promise! Oh, and YES, the rest of the Birthstone Collection is GORGEOUS!!!  Need!

Have THE greatest of days, STAY SPARKLY and keep SMILING!!!!  Happy New Year's!!

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