Saturday, February 27, 2016

the Don Deeva

* nothing to disclose *

Good morning and good day friends!!  I'm back with another GORGEOUS and STUNNING beauty for you today!!  I have another brand that is brand spankin' new to ME and to review.  I love when I find an amazing brand, it's like finding yet another diamond in the rough.

Today my review is on the Don Deeva.  The maker, Danette, is super SUPER sweet!  She keeps it real and is REALLY creative! She truly has a skill at creating fun and unique while keeping her formula buttery beautiful.

So let's just get to it... today I am going to show you Wisteria.  This is a VERY limited edition and it is a MUST!!

the Don Deeva Wisteria


the Don Deeva Wisteria macro

Do you SEE HER BEAUTY!!!!  The soft golden shimmer in that soft and delicate pinky lilac-y splendor??

the Don Deeva Wisteria

So with one coat I thought, oh brother, a sheer polish... but it sure did SPARKLE from being LOADED with FLAKIES!!!  NOT chunky or heavy flakies but super soft fine flakies that really pack a WOWZA punch of sparkle!! 

So, after applying the 2nd coat I realized this is MAGIC BAM, like that it's opaque and stunning... seriously STUNNING!!  There is the softest shimmer of a golden hue and the flakies play with one another shifting between shades of blues and purples.  There's an iridescent glow that just draws you in!!!

Needless to say, I used two coats and a top coat and am IN LOVE!  The formula was buttery smooth, just flowed flawlessly.  I couldn't possibly love this any more.  Danette, you are amazing and I can absolutely see a long future with you!

* nothing to disclose *

the Don Deeva offers quite a variety of beauties... from jellies and thermals, even solar polishes... flakies and glitters.  She also does customs as well, being inspired from just a simple photo.  (I have another review already in the works on a custom.)

Feel free to peruse the Don Deeva shop, just click HERE.  Also, if you're not already following her on Instagram, you can by clicking HERE.

She also has a fan group out in Facebook land, you can request to join that by clicking HERE.

Ok friends, that's all we have for today, thank you for hanging out with me and checking out my review.  Have THE GREATEST of days... and if you're not already, then SMILE because it feels so good!!


  1. I have this on the way to me! I feel like The Don Deeva is also going to be a go-to brand for me!

  2. This is so pretty! It's soft and springtimey. Great swatch!